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    Smart Rotary IP Camera

    • Intelligent Network Rotary Camera is a new generation network surveillance camera that supports horizontal and vertical rotation, suitable for video surveillance and anti-theft in homes and shops.
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      Add product common problems and solutions:

      1.Q: When adding a device, the app does not prompt to find a new device

      A: Please check if the camera and mobile phone are in the same local area network;

      Please check if the camera's network indicator is always on;

      像机; If the camera and mobile phone are not in the same local area network, it is recommended to manually add the camera with an ID number ;

      2. Q: When viewing a live video, I am prompted for a wrong password

      请在摄像机列表条目中选择编辑重新设置远程访问密码; A: Please check whether the remote access password set when adding the camera is correct. If it is not correct , please select edit in the camera list entry to reset the remote access password;

      复出厂默认值(默认为空,添加摄像机时需创建新密码,否则将 If you forget the remote access password of the camera, it is recommended to press the “Reset” key to restore the device to the factory default values (the default is empty, you need to create a new password when adding a camera, otherwise

      No remote access);

      3. Q: Prompt device offline in device list

      A: Please check if the camera is connected to the network normally, and check if the network indicator is always on;

      Please check the router network is normal;

      4. Q: Remote Wizard cannot control camera rotation

      A: Please check whether the connection between the remote control wizard and the headphone jack of the mobile phone is normal;

      部分手机需要将音量键调至max; Please adjust the direction of the remote control wizard and point it at the infrared receiver of the camera; some mobile phones need to adjust the volume key to max;

      5. Q: No video file can be found during video playback

      A: Please check if the SD card is damaged;

      6. Q: There is a strange sound when shaking the device after receiving it

      A: Please check if the equipment is making abnormal noise when it is upside down. If it is, the equipment is normal. 为此为磁珠开关滚动响。 This is because the bead switch rolls. When the device is inverted, the gravity sensing function needs to be realized.

      Image, the bead in the bead switch will roll to the other end.

      IOS 用户可以到苹果官方商店APP Store 搜索并下载2CU, 7 .APP software download IOS users can go to the Apple Store APP Store to search and download 2CU,

      Android users can open the website to download and install the 2CU for Android.

      8. Appendix  

      (8.1) Option-Remote

      ① Arming button: One-button arming can realize motion detection and wireless alarm function

      ② Disarm button: Cancel all alarms after one-button disarm

      ③Emergency button: One-button emergency alarm button to realize ring alarm


      The remote control also needs to learn the code, the method is the same as the wireless detector. Wireless detector

      Trigger the detector when learning the code, and the learning is successful. Press the arm button when the remote controller learns the code to hear

      After the sound, learning is successful.

      (8.2) Camera-Online Update? After the camera is successfully added in the APP, click the device name in the contact-> Settings->

      Check the device update, the camera will prompt whether to update to the new version.

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