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    Wireless door sensor

    • Wireless door magnetic alarms are widely used in homes, offices, shops and various business places.
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    • mw百乐牛牛

        广泛应用于:家庭小区,办公场所,商铺以及各类经营场所。 Wireless door magnetic detectors are widely used in homes, offices, shops and various business places.

      Product model: PH-WMC

      Technical Parameters:

      • Working voltage: DC12V / 23A
      • Working frequency: 315, 433.92MHz (other frequencies can be customized)
      • Quiescent current: 1.5uA (can be continuously standby for 4-5 years)
      • Alarm current: 10mA (can be continuously transmitted 20,000-30,000 times)
      • Coding method: fixed code (PT2262 chip)
      • Transmission distance:> 100m (open ground receiving board sensitivity above -103dBm distance)
      • Output power: 13dBm (20mW)
      • Transmission rate: <10Kbps
      • Modulation method: OOK (amplitude modulation)
      • Working temperature: -20 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃
      • Size: 716 5mm
      • For doors / windows
      • Magnet clutch distance <20mm
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