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    Wireless mw百乐牛牛 Burglar Alarm—G20

    • ☆ With LCD display and operation panel;
      ☆ It has the function of staying armed;
      ☆ Regular arm / disarm function;
      ☆ Support 5 languages: Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, German;
      ☆ Support Apple, Android phone control, save the trouble of editing text messages;
      ☆ With intelligent heating function, -30 ℃ work as usual;
      ☆ Guaranteed quality and passed many certifications such as ROHS / CE / FCC;
      ☆ 1 year, lifetime maintenance.
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    • Product Details

    • mw百乐牛牛

      Can arm some host zones;
      Arming and disarming siren tone switching function;
      Configure ten wireless zones, one emergency call zone and one fire alarm zone;
      With regular arming and disarming functions.
      With regular stay-arming and disarming functions
      Remote arm / disarm operation via SMS;
      The host can automatically send short message alerts to three groups of mobile phones when an alarm occurs;
      When the alarm occurs, the host can automatically dial the set telephone and start the on-site monitoring;
      Alarm zones can be reported in real time via short message or display;
      External power failure and power recovery alarm notification function, automatically switch to backup battery after external power failure (the host is equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery);
      Can be connected to the alarm center.  

      G20 with accessories

      Smartphone control function

      Support Apple and Android phones for remote intelligent control. If you need to arm your home alarm when you go out, just pick up the phone and click the software's arm button;

      Stay-Arm Arming Function

      You can set some zones to be armed and other zones to be disarmed to facilitate deployment and control at home

      Timing arm / disarm function

      You can set the arming and disarming time in advance, and regular arming and disarming;

      Time-keeping arming function

      The time can be set in advance. At this time, the host enters the state of staying armed.


      Adopt quad-band communication module, namely: 850/900/1800 / 1900MHZ, can be used worldwide;

      SMS and auto call alert function

      Can set up 3 groups to receive alarm short messages and 3 groups to receive phone numbers in advance, automatically send alarm short messages or make calls to the set phone number when an alarm occurs;

      Arm / disarm siren alert function

      Pressing the remote control to arm or disarm, the siren emits a tone instead of a small beep sound from the main unit; it solves the problem that the main unit can't hear the main unit's prompt tone when standing or disarming at the door. This function can be turned off;

      Compatible with wired and wireless detectors

      Configure 10 wireless zones; with dedicated emergency call and fire zones, this zone is a 24-hour zone and does not need to be armed;

      Custom alarm content function

      Users can customize the names of zones 1-10 for easy user identification;

      External AC power detection function

      When the external AC power fails and the power returns to normal, the host sends text messages and calls to notify. After the external power fails, it automatically switches to the backup battery (the host is equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery);

         Technical Parameters 
      850/900/1800/1900MHZ(四频)适用于世界范围 GSM signal frequency: 850/900/1800 / 1900MHZ (quad band) suitable for worldwide use  
      315MHz/433MHz Wireless signal frequency: 315MHz / 433MHz  
      Wireless distance: 100-200 meters (open distance)
      Data response time: ≤8 seconds (normal state of GSM network)
      Recording time: None
         Working power
      Power supply voltage: AC 220V 50Hz / 60Hz
      Standby power consumption: <0.6W
      Backup battery: DC7.4V / 850MA
      Backup battery working time: ≥10 hours
          Working conditions
      -30~+60 0 C Temperature: -30 ~ + 60 0 C
      Humidity: ≤95% without condensation
      Dimension: 289mm (length) * 268mm (width) * 81mm (thickness)

      The standard configuration

      Host 1 Anti-theft alarm packaging
      Wireless infrared probe 1
      Wireless door sensor 1
      remote control 2
      Wireless numeric keypad Optional
      External High Decibel Siren 1
      Power Adapter 1
      Built-in rechargeable lithium battery 1
      Manual 1 copy

      Wireless home anti-theft alarm, home smart alarm, home automatic dial alarm, home alarm system
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