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    Outdoor IR Night Vision Waterproof Camera

    • Model: CN-720K4 Night vision distance: 30-40m Function: Three-axis rotation design, smooth appearance lines, IP67 waterproof rating
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      Product name: Outdoor infrared night vision waterproof camera Features:. Three-axis rotation design, smooth appearance, IP67 waterproof rating, support for mobile APP. Metal body, outdoor waterproof design, can be wall-mounted, can withstand complex outdoor harsh environments, Process quality. 3.6MM million high-definition lens, large screen display is also clear (20-30 meters outdoor waterproof camera). 36 12MIL high-power infrared lights, night vision distance 20-30 meters, clear imaging at night (20-30 Meters outdoor waterproof camera) .2.8-12MM million adjustable high-definition lens, easy to adjust the focus independently. The large screen display is also clearly identifiable (30-40 meters outdoor waterproof camera). 42 12MIL high-power infrared lights, night vision distance of 30-40 meters, clear imaging at night (30-40 meters outdoor waterproof camera). Using high-definition photosensitive film and High-definition chip, powerful processing power, tiny details. Support TF card storage, can support 128G, 20-30 meters outdoor waterproof camera built-in card, 30-40 meters outdoor waterproof camera can be external card. With bracket chassis stickers, wall Installation, lifting and convenience, three-axis rotation. Multi-layer precision immersion gold PCB board technology, moisture-proof and not easy to oxidize. Voltage regulator chip power, extremely low failure rate. Wired and intelligent wireless WIFI, easy and simple access (models with WIFI function can be Achieve) Support external pickup, noise suppression circuit (available on models with audio function). 64-channel wireless access alarm, powerful alarm function (available on models with wireless alarm function). APP and PC software are easy to download and install, Rich functions, mature and stable. PC computer client software for multi-screen viewing, playback, recording and alarm. PC computer client software remotely calls the camera TF card to record and download. PC computer alarm center to achieve alarm Screen pop-up, privacy mask screen black screen pop-up and other practical applications:. Enterprise business security and management: small and micro enterprises, shops, business supermarkets, shopping malls, nursing homes, kindergartens. mw百乐牛牛 security: villas, homes. Government supervision: transportation, business, Schools, power, water, gas and other institutions. Remote promotion display: ecological agriculture, tourist attractions, online stores

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      Outdoor Infrared Night Vision Waterproof Camera | Waterproof Camera | Night Vision Camera Manufacturer | Cruise Eagle Security Night Vision Camera
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