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    Power transformer network alarm system G30

    • ☆ Assist the State Grid's power well project; ☆ Transformer three-phase four-wire power monitoring function;
      ☆ The host has anti-disassembly and anti-knock functions;
      ☆ Timing self-test function;
      ☆ With intelligent heating function, -30 ℃ work as usual;
      ☆ Guaranteed quality and passed many certifications such as ROHS / CE / FCC;
      ☆ 1 warranty, lifetime maintenance;
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    • Product Details

    • mw百乐牛牛

      I. System Introduction

        是基于物联网技术的 报警器 远程管控系统,通过物联网传输终端、物联智能终端实现联网监控中心 与安装在各地报警器 设施的沟通和对话,将领域的人与物,物与物之间紧密联系起来。 The smart transformer anti-theft alarm system is an alarm remote management and control system based on the Internet of Things technology . Through the Internet of Things transmission terminal and the Internet of Things intelligent terminal, it enables communication and dialogue between the networked monitoring center and the alarm facilities installed in various places . There is a close connection between things.

      System composition:

      安装在各地变压器旁的防盗报警器(内置防打开外壳和防震动功能); 1. An anti-theft alarm (built-in anti-open casing and anti-vibration function) installed next to the transformer in each place;

      物联网卡(传输报警信息); 2. IoT card (transmit alarm information);

      安装在电力局的中心管理平台软件; 3. Installed in the central management platform software of the electric power bureau;

      电脑(能够上外网,需甲方准备); 4. Computer (to be able to access the Internet, which requires Party A to prepare);

      安装人员移动端手机 APP软件; 5. Install mobile APP software on mobile terminal ;

      管理人员移动端手机 APP软件 6. Manager mobile APP software

      Third, the alarm type:

      变压器单相、两相、三相故障报警; 1. Transformer single-phase, two-phase, three-phase fault alarm;

      报警器防拆报警; 2, alarm anti-removal alarm;

      报警器震动报警; 3. Alarm vibration alarm;

      配置变压器红外、震动、平衡螺栓等感应器报警 4.Configure transformer infrared, vibration, balance bolt and other sensors to alarm

      Product details

      报警 1.G30 alarm

      特点: Technical characteristics:

      三相检测, 变压器输出端三相四线任何一相断相或者欠压运行都能准确判断,并发出告警。 Three-phase detection. Any one-phase phase failure or under-voltage operation of the three-phase four-wire at the output end of the transformer can be accurately judged and an alarm is issued. (Thieves stealing the transformer will inevitably lose power first)

        Host online detection function, whether the alarm works normally can immediately report to the center management platform or the manager and mobile phone.

        / 常闭接点报警模式( 可以连接 绕线 有线 探测器 ),报警接点采用光电隔离输入,防止外部强电及雷击破坏 Four wired defense zones can be programmed to select the normally open / normally closed contact alarm mode ( wired detectors such as windings can be connected ). The alarm mw百乐牛牛es photoelectric isolation input to prevent external strong electricity and lightning strikes .

        ,可使用普通手机人工接警,也可通过 PH-BC110 接警中心电脑自动接警,电子地图显示,具有强大的联网报警功能 Alarm data can be transmitted remotely via GPRS or SMS content can be sent (some areas have weak GPRS signals) . You can use ordinary mobile phones to manually receive alarms , or you can automatically receive alarms through the PH-BC110 alarm center computer. The electronic map display has powerful network alarm functions .

      内置 12V 备用充电 电池,自动充放电控制,停电后自动切换,可续供 12 小时 Built-in 12V backup rechargeable battery, automatic charge and discharge control, automatically switch after power failure, can continue to supply for 12 hours ;  

        The host installation address can be set, and the specific alarm location can be seen in the alarm information;  

      ☆ The alarm host installed at various points can be controlled remotely through the software of the alarm center or mobile phone. Such as: arming, disarming, querying the status of the host and settings of the host.

      安装管理功能,通过中心管理平台对工作人员现场安装进行统一的部署、统计和监管。 Installation management function, uniform deployment, statistics and supervision of on-site installation by staff through the central management platform.  

      2. Alarm center management system

      报警 设备的 报警 、故障等信息,可查阅辖区内联网 报警器 基本信息,设施运行状态 , 历史记录 以及 运行分析报告信息等。 Real-time monitoring and processing of alarms , faults, and other information of all alarm equipment in the jurisdiction, you can refer to the basic information of networked alarms in the jurisdiction , facility operation status , historical records, and operation analysis report information.


      分级管理功能: 可分为 省、市、区、街道等六级 管理 不同级别接警管理中心可管理所辖范围内的所有控制器。 1 ) Hierarchical management function: It can be divided into six levels of management : province, city, district, and street. The alarm management center at different levels can manage all controllers within its jurisdiction.

        权限管理功能:总管理员可根据人员分工分配不同的管理权限。 2 ) Privilege management function: The chief administrator can assign different management privileges according to the division of labor.

      地图定位功能: 每台报警器在 地图 上都有相应的 位置,出现报警图标会 有不同颜色区分且 闪烁。 3 ) Map positioning function: Each alarm has a corresponding position on the map , and the alarm icon will be distinguished by different colors and flashing.

      声音识别功能: 报警时接警 管理 中心 会发出不同的声音,根据声音 识别报警类型。 4 ) Sound recognition function: The alarm management center will emit different sounds when an alarm occurs , and the type of alarm can be identified based on the sound .

      联网通讯主控制器 在线监测功能 5) On-line monitoring function of the main controller of the power network communication .

         安装管理功能:安装人员登记,订单派发,安装记录的查询及统计等。 6) Installation management functions: installer registration, order distribution, query and statistics of installation records, etc.

        数据库管理:记录 每台报警器 基本信息,紧急联系电话,设备安装位置,安装现场图片等信息。 7) Database management: Record the basic information of each alarm , emergency contact phone, equipment installation location, installation site picture and other information.

         报警记录管理:记录 发生报警的 用户名称,报警时间,类别、内容、地址等信息。 8) Alarm record management: record the user name, alarm time, category, content, address and other information of the alarm.

        操作日志管理: 记录 平台所有操作。 9) Operation log management: Record all operations of the platform.

         数据导入 /导出功能。 10) Data import / export function.

      安装人员移动终端管理手机 APP软件 3. Installer mobile terminal management mobile APP software

      进行 监管,及 报警器 基本信息、现场安装图片、安装定位等资料上传 接警 管理 中心 平台。 It is used to supervise the work of on-site installers , and upload the basic information of the alarm , on-site installation pictures, installation positioning and other data to the alarm management center platform.

      The main function:

      1, 接警 管理 中心平台 派发的安装订单。 Receive installation orders dispatched by the Alarm Management Center platform .

      2, 基本信息,如名称,报警主机 IMEI号,地址,主要联系人及联系方式。 Upload basic information of the alarm , such as name, alarm host IMEI number, address, main contact person and contact information.

      3. After the installation is complete, upload the on-site installation pictures.

      4. Upload the positioning of the mounting point.

      5. Statistics on the number of installations.

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