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    WIFI Alarm C Set

    • WIFI alarm C set is a smart device set that can transmit alarm information in two directions via wifi, GSM. It integrates intelligent anti-theft, home care, healthy life, and elderly help.
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    • Product Details

    • mw百乐牛牛

      WIFI alarm kit composition details:

      Achievable functions:

      1. The family takes the initiative to prevent theft, so there is no need to worry about burglary.

      2. Ensure home security to prevent accidents.

      3. Feel free to go out and control your home.

      4.WIFI + GSM network, convenient and fast, no wiring required, saving time and effort.

      WIFI Alarm Kit Product Picture:

      Product parameters: 1.1. Features: 1. APP supports smartphones such as Apple and Android. 2. Each APP can be installed with numerous alarm hosts! Each alarm host can add 100 groups of APP users. 3. Three groups of SMS alarms and three groups of telephone alarm numbers can be set. 4. Supports 99 wireless zones, 8 fire zones, 8 emergency alarm zones, and 8 medical call zones. 4, 4 leak defense zones and 2 wired defense zones; can be equipped with 20 remote controls (the remote control can also be used for emergency alarms). 5. Scan the QR code with your mobile phone to add the wireless accessories of the host, which is accurate and convenient. 6. Support switching between Chinese and English languages and voice. 7. There is a two-way intercom function. 8. There is a video monitoring function. 9. There are timing arming, timing disarming and timing left-behind functions (each timing can be set to three (Group time). 10. It has the function of detecting the ambient temperature and humidity, and it can set the high temperature alarm. 11. It has the function of prompting WIFI failure and telephone network failure. 12. It has the function of not opening the door and window. There is an offline prompt function for the detector. 15. Support extended time alarm function, extended time arming and extended time disarm function (optional 0-99 seconds). 16. The main unit alarm time can be selected (0-254 seconds or one) Ring). 17. With wireless transmission function, can control 99 patrol wireless siren. 18. In addition to APP, you can also use the SMS and phone buttons to remotely control the host arm and disarm. 19. The host has a left-behind arming function (only for invasion classes Zones 01-99 are effective). 20, can record 10 seconds of alarm voice. 21. External power failure / recovery alarm function (optionally open or close). 22. Remote control arm / disarm alarm sound function (optionally open or open) Off). 23. Remote control arming / disarming SMS alert function (optionally on or off). 24. Spray tear gas remotely to drive away thieves. 25. Can detect if someone is at home. 1.2. Performance indicators: 1. Wireless frequency: 315MHz / 433MHz (optional). 2. Wireless communication mode: WiFi or WiFi + GSM or WiFi + WCDMA or WiFi + PSTN (optional). 3. Working power: Host input: DC12V / 1A (strict requirements). Standby power : ≦ 1.1W; Alarm power: ≦ 2.2W; Backup battery: DC7.4V / 800MA. Working time of backup battery: ≧ 7 hours. 4. Working conditions: Temperature: -20 ~ + 55 ℃ Humidity: ≦ 85% non-condensing Lu. 5, built-in alarm Alarm volume: ≧ 80db. 6. Dimensions: 145mm (length) × 145mm (width) × 30mm (thickness). 7. Shell material: ABS. WIFI alarm C set related problems and solutions: Details to the detailed page, please Click here in blue font.

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