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Trader: Eight-year partnership with Patrol Eagle Security
Shenzhen Feichuang Industrial Co., Ltd. has a eight-year cooperative relationship with Falcon Eagle Security. For eight years, Falcon Industry has been the agent / sale GSM alarm suite and series products of Falcon Eagle.
Almost since the introduction of anti-theft alarm products by Xingying Security Technology Co., Ltd., we have established a good cooperative relationship. Patrol's products have been at the forefront of the burglar alarm industry. From the initial telephone alarm system to the well-developed home / shop GSM alarm system and the current WIFI alarm system, Patrol's products have been anti-theft. The alarm market has a good reputation. The function of the product has always been proud of the patrol, and its stylish appearance has won the favor of our customers. We have witnessed the growth of the tour eagle during the eight years of cooperation with the tour eagle. During the long-term cooperation process, we have established friendly business relations and achieved a win-win situation for both parties. We look forward to the continued launch of good products by the tour eagle.

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