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为什么当家里做饭炒菜之后忘记关煤气的时候没有报警,而有时候家里几天都没有做饭炒菜既然会报警? Frequently, some customers will ask; why do I not alarm when I forget to turn off the gas after cooking and cooking when I installed a gas alarm, and sometimes the alarm occurs when I have not cooked for a few days? Therefore, whether the installation of the gas alarm directly affects the alarm effect of the detector. 就为大家讲述一下燃气报警器安装需要注意哪些问题? So now, Eagle Inspection will tell you about the problems that need to be paid attention to when installing the gas alarm?
1. Where to install the gas alarm
It is installed on the indoor wall surface within 4 meters and 2 meters away from the gas appliance or gas source. There are usually three types of liquefied petroleum gas, artificial gas and gas. Each installation location is different. Liquefied petroleum gas; within 0.3 meters from the ground.
Artificial gas and gas; within 0.3 meters from the ceiling.
2. Avoid installation locations

Do not install in a high temperature place; or where it is blocked by objects; do not install an aisle, a place with a high wind velocity, or a place with water mist and dripping water; also pay attention to the installation place not too close to the stove and easy to be exposed to oil smoke , Steam and other polluted places.
安装的方法 3. Installation method of gas alarm
Each manufacturer has a manual when it is shipped, as long as it is installed on the installation manual.

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