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Shenzhen Xingying Security Technology Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the development, production and sales of electronic security and anti-theft products since its establishment. To solve their worries.
The eagle is a symbol of justice and power. It has been used by humans as a hunting and care home since ancient times, which is in line with the company's product security and the characteristics of eliminating evil forces. In 2013, Shenzhen Xingying Security Technology Co., Ltd. launched a new logo in order to further enhance the company's image. The new logo is reflected in both text and video through the brand name and logo. The use of the English name of "PATROLHAWK" as the new standard for the company also reflects the bold and confident entrepreneurial spirit of the new era's Hawkmen. The logo is combined with modern Chinese and English fonts to achieve concise and easy-to-understand design. It has made a special difference on the English letter "O" and cleverly combined the graphic of the eagle with "O", which not only continues the old standard eagle. The visual elements also inherit the spirit and culture of the Falconer. The logo adopts a thick, tough, stable, and atmospheric style, which also reflects the thick and stable patrolman, showing wiseness in maturity. The logo uses blue and orange as the logo colors. Blue symbolizes dreams and ambitions; orange symbolizes enthusiasm and fighting spirit. It also means that the Falconer is full of enthusiasm to meet unknown challenges and realize the great ambition of his dreams.

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