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The installation method of Patrol Eagle security infrared alarm is as follows, please read it carefully after purchase!

1. Before installing the infrared alarm, the alarm host should be powered on at a fixed position, and the alarm probe should be hung at a height of about 2 meters to tilt it forward and downward to obtain higher sensitivity. After turning on the power, after about 1 minute, the alarm will enter the alert state. At this time, if someone enters the monitoring area, the alarm will be issued immediately. The alarm will stop for about 1 minute. Then he was on alert again.

2. When the host enters, first press the shutdown button on the remote control. With the beep of the infrared alarm, the alarm is turned off and the alarm is no longer entered when entering the warning area. When the owner leaves the guard zone, press the power button once, and with a beep, the alarm will return to the guard state.

3. In case of emergency, press the emergency alarm button, and the infrared alarm is an emergency alarm.

4. There are high, middle and low sensitivity adjustments in the infrared alarm. Users can adjust it according to their needs.

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