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I believe that many friends will find that the WIFI alarm does not work properly or can only work for a period of time after purchasing the WIFI alarm. Do you notice these problems during the installation? The following problems will seriously affect the work of the WIFI alarm. Your alarm is not working properly, please check the following reasons:
1. The WIFI alarm host is powered by wireless power. It does not need to consider the position of the power supply during installation, and it is not easy to damage the decoration of the home. The WIFI alarm host can be installed in the center of all the detectors, which facilitates signal transmission and avoids A channel failure has occurred.
2. WIFI anti-theft alarm is a high-frequency transmitting product, which is easily susceptible to other electromagnetic interference, and the installation place should be kept away from home appliances as much as possible.
3. The location of the host should be concealed so that it cannot be easily noticed.
4. Do not install the host and the detector in the following unfavorable locations: direct sun exposure, high temperature, rain, strong vibration, chemical corrosion and excessive dust.

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