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Only when you do it is it possible to see, shoulder to shoulder the responsibility to travel alone in six European countries, goodbye 2017!

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Think and explore together with Patrol Security, please pay attention to the public account "Shenzhen Patrol Security" Note: VCARE is a registered trademark of Patrol Security, and has been registered in the EU and North America. 2017 is coming to an end, and this summer's personal European business trip is a thing of the past. We can meet in the vast sea of people, perhaps God's arrangement. Although we have different languages, different cultures, and different values, we can still feel the friendship of having friends from afar and enjoying ourselves. Thank you for your support and tolerance. You raise me up! Come on, 2018.

The first stop of the European trip to London, this is the third time to come to the British land. In addition to participating in the annual IFSEC exhibition, I also visited some new and old customers

The journey of PATROL HAWK and Vodafone's British partners has been a long way to go, and they are cherished.

    A set of European version of Vcare, which was developed two years ago, entered the German family. This time, they made a special return visit and tasted authentic German beer. Thank you Xindy and his wife for their trust and support!

        A partner who introduced Vcare to Apple's user ecosystem in the Netherlands.

     The young CEO of The Hague was very thoughtful and shared a lot of the needs of the Dutch market.

Although they are only OEM customers, the father and son have extraordinary market development capabilities.

      Rotterdam's partners are very strong. They are the Dutch agents of Hikvision in China. Our Beagle Hawk has successfully connected to their monitoring cloud platform.

      The French romantic life is well-deserved, driving more than 100 kilometers from Lyon to the foot of the Alps, drinking champagne while working, and enjoying French dinner. Of course, Beagle Hawk enters the network of French telephone operator ORANGE to discover some technical problems. To resolve.

All the way down into Italy, is the fashion capital of Milan, visiting old customers. After that, it was Columbus's hometown Genoa, and completed an Italian customer-customized dedicated server and CMS system business negotiation and technical docking work.

纽约华尔街来到罗马,在意大利安防界人人皆知,他也是我的技术导师。 Later, I visited Mr. Tang, who has forty years of security industry experience. When he was young, he came to Rome from Wall Street in New York because he liked the historical heritage of ancient Rome. Everyone is known in the Italian security industry. He is also my technical instructor.

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