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Xuanwei, Yunnan installs 168 independent smoke detection alarms

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Since April , Yunnan Xuanwei Firefighting has made full use of the advantages of mature smoke detection alarm technology, convenient installation, simple maintenance, low cost, and obvious effects, and actively promoted the independent smoke detection alarm . As of now, the city has installed 168 independent smoke detectors .

Since April , Xuanwei Firefighting has sent supervisors to contact various nursing homes, welfare homes, kindergartens, Internet cafes and other densely populated places in the jurisdiction to test the sensitivity of smoke alarm devices on the spot of all units, detailing simple fire protection facilities, classification and installation standards. Provide training and explanations for each installation unit one by one, so that each unit has a deep understanding of the simple fire protection facilities. At the same time, it emphasizes that the installation of independent smoke alarm devices can further enhance and prevent the initiative and pertinence of "small fire dead", so that the person in charge of each unit fully realizes the important role of independent smoke alarms in fire prevention and control.

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