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Prevent fire hazards and analyze the use of smoke alarms

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In recent years, frequent fires have claimed many lives. With the continuous advancement of current technology, more and more new residences have begun to use smoke alarm systems. And we have always been concerned about the problem of family housing, so smoke alarms have been specially adopted in connected devices to help everyone prevent fires.

Smoke alarms, also called fire smoke alarms, implement fire prevention by monitoring the concentration of smoke. Powered by a bus, multiple buses can be connected to form an alarm system that is networked and communicated with a fire alarm controller. There is no sound at the scene, and the host has sound and light prompts. This type of smoke alarm is generally called a smoke detector.

It can be said that the smoke alarm is an indispensable device in large and large residential areas, and it is also an indispensable protection measure in intelligent systems. Because most of the domestic accidents come from fires, this is a big threat to our residents' lives and property. The smoke alarm is an important weapon to effectively prevent fire. When the user uses the smoke alarm, the alarm will be misreported, and the user does not know how to solve it. Next, I will teach you how to install and use the smoke alarm.

First, installation

、房间内每25—40平方米装一个烟感,重要设备上方0.5—2.5米安装烟感。 1. A smoke sensor is installed in the room every 25-40 square meters, and a smoke sensor is installed 0.5-2.5 meters above the important equipment. Select a suitable installation area to fix the seat with screws, connect the smoke sensor line color and screw it on the seat. Draw two holes on the ceiling or wall according to the holes of the mounting bracket. Drill two holes in two holes. Insert two plastic waist nails into the two holes, and then press the back of the mounting bracket against the wall. Plug in and tighten the mounting screws until the mounting bracket is removed firmly.

、本探测器是一种密闭装置并不允许私自打开,请把电池塞入本机背面的隔间内。 2. This detector is a closed device and is not allowed to be opened without permission. Please insert the battery into the compartment on the back of the unit. Have the back of the detector lean against the installation location and turn clockwise. And make sure that the two screw heads have been slid into the waist holes. Press the test button lightly to see if the detector is working properly.

、工作,测试及维修的程序 3. Work, test and maintenance procedures

After installation, the detector is already in working state. In this state, the LED on the detector blinks about once every minute. When combustion particles are detected, the detector will emit a crisp and loud pulsating alarm sound until the air is flat again.


、按下测试按钮至少3秒钟,一个清脆响亮的脉动报警讯号就会发出。 1. Press the test button for at least 3 seconds, a crisp and loud pulsating alarm signal will be issued. 、这意味著探测器真正工作,在报警的同时,发光二极管快速闪烁。 2. This means that the detector is really working. At the same time as the alarm, the LED flashes quickly. 、也可以用把烟雾吹进探测腔中的方法来测试探测器。 3. The detector can also be tested by blowing smoke into the detection cavity. (Tests are performed once a week to verify the reliable operation of the detector).

Third, installation and maintenance matters needing attention:

、不可安装高于温度、高湿的地、否则会影响灵敏度; 2 、为保持传感器工作效率良好,每6个月需清洁传感器,先把电源关掉,再用软毛刷轻扫灰尘便可,再把电源启动。 1. Do not install the ground higher than the temperature and humidity, otherwise it will affect the sensitivity; 2. To keep the sensor working well, the sensor needs to be cleaned every 6 months, first turn off the power, and then use a soft brush to sweep the dust. Yes, turn on the power again.

、烟雾报警器适用于火灾发生时有大量烟雾,而正常情况下无烟的场所,如:饭店、旅馆、教学楼、办公楼、计算机房、通信机房、书库和档案库等工业与民用建筑。 3. Smoke alarm is suitable for places where there is a large amount of smoke at the time of fire and is normally smoke-free, such as: restaurants, hotels, teaching buildings, office buildings, computer rooms, telecommunications rooms, books and archives and other industrial and civil buildings . However, it is not suitable for places where a large amount of dust and water mist are trapped; it is not suitable for places where steam and oil mist may be generated; it is not suitable for places where smoke is trapped under normal circumstances.

In winter, the weather is dry and dry, which is a season of high incidence of fire accidents. A little carelessness can easily lead to fires and threaten the lives and property of the masses. Ke Rui Security reminds the general public that in the winter, we must always pay attention to fire prevention, and constantly rectify and check the fire hazards around us, and we should not be paralyzed to avoid causing a calamity. Remind users to install smoke alarms to prevent fire accidents.

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