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What are the advantages of intelligent security

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1. The concept of intelligent security

The full name of intelligent security is intelligent security technology. The main connotation of intelligent security technology is the informationization of its related content and services, the transmission and storage of images, the storage and processing of data, and so on. As far as intelligent security is concerned, a complete intelligent security system mainly includes access control, alarm and monitoring. Intelligent security should be able to implement automatic monitoring and management of the prevention system. Residential fires and harmful gas leakage shall be automatically alarmed; Smoke, temperature and combustible gas detectors are the mainstays; anti-theft alarm systems should be equipped with various types of alarm detectors such as infrared or microwave.

2.Smart Security Function

One: automatic fortification function

The intelligent security system fully considers the convenience of the villa owner. When the owner goes home, in order to avoid entering the door, you can dial a number or send a text message to realize the disarming of the phone. Within the set time, the villa intelligent security system will Activate arming. The villa intelligent security system can intelligent video alarm, local sound and light alarm, local on-site shouting, phone SMS notification, remote on-site supervision, etc.

Two: Anti-theft system function

Intelligent access control and infrared curtain equipment. Intelligent access control is mainly to prevent illegal opening of the room door. The device automatically alarms and sends text messages or calls or WeChat to remind the owner. The function of the infrared curtain is to close the window automatically and notify the owner when an illegal window is entered into the room.

Three: fire, air leak, weatherproof function

The equipment inspection will detect the indoor smoke concentration and gas leakage. When it is windy and rainy outside, the system will automatically alarm and take corresponding emergency measures. The intelligent detection equipment will act according to the pre-designed plan based on the detected data. Such as opening windows, closing windows, and so on.

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