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One-button alarm-the lifeline of ordinary people

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月份起推出一键式报警系统,一旦出现警情,安装此系统的商铺或住户报警铃启动,远处的派出所也同时接到报警求救信息,有效震慑和打击不法分子。 The Dashi police station in Panyu District launched a one-button alarm system in April this year. Once an alarm situation occurs, the alarm bells of the shops or residents installing the system will be activated, and the remote police station will also receive an alarm for help, effectively deterring and cracking down on criminals. 户商户和住户安装,并成功处理多起纠纷、酒后滋事等治安案件。 At present, nearly 200 merchants and residents in the jurisdiction have installed it, and have successfully handled many public security cases such as disputes and drinking troubles.

People's helpline goes straight to police station

In recent years, the case of theft or robbery of gold shops has always been valued by the police. The security of gold shops has always been the focus of attention of businesses and police. The reporter was informed yesterday that Panyu Dashi Police Station launched new measures to promote one-button alarm systems within its jurisdiction. 24 小时便利店以及娱乐场所内推广,也是连接商铺和派出所的一根救命线。 Ma Xinquan, deputy director of the Dashi Police Station of the Panyu District Public Security Bureau, told reporters that the one-click alarm system is mainly promoted in gold shops, banks, gas stations, 24- hour convenience stores and entertainment venues within the jurisdiction , and is also a lifeline connecting shops and police stations. .

  Yesterday in the video monitoring room of Dashi Police Station, I saw that a computer connected to the host computer is on, and the screen displays the contact phone number and detailed address of the merchant who installed the one-touch alarm system. 如果商家那边发生紧急情况,只要轻按报警按钮,除了商铺内的报警铃启动,派出所这边也会警铃大响。 马信泉说,指挥平台会立即联系到案发地近的巡逻警力赶赴现场。 " If there is an emergency situation at the merchant, as long as you press the alarm button, in addition to the alarm bell in the shop starting, the police station will also ring a loud alarm. " Ma Xinquan said that the command platform will immediately contact the patrol police force near the incident site. Hurry to the scene. 户商户和住户安装该系统,并以此处理纠纷、酒后滋事等治安案件。 It is understood that 200 merchants and residents in Dashi have installed the system and used it to deal with public security cases such as disputes and drinking troubles.

One-button alarm is mainly used to maintain social order and one-click call for help. It can also be used in schools, public places, stations, banks, hospitals, communities, office buildings and other places.

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