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One-button alarm will become just needed for the development of the times

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Guotai Min'an is the basic and universal wish of the people. At present, there are traditional threats and non-traditional threats that affect people's perception. Strengthening and innovating social governance is an important way to improve people's sense of mass. With the economic development and the speeding up of urban construction, the densely populated and floating population has increased in cities, which has caused urban management problems such as transportation, social order, and prevention of key areas in urban construction. Especially in the face of new counter-terrorism issues in cities in recent years, new challenges have been raised for public security management, especially crime prevention and law enforcement. On the other hand, with the deepening of the construction of the new countryside, the people's life is getting richer and richer, but there are always some people who are willing to work hard and want to get it for nothing. Then the one-button alarm will play a decisive role in this phenomenon and can keep people's lives basically in a state.

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