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"One-click alarm system" stationed in Xinjiang Hutubi County

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10日,新疆呼图壁县景祥旅社的业主王景评价一键报警系统时说。 "Not long ago, a drunk man was in trouble at the store and used a one-button alarm to make an alarm. I felt that just after putting down the phone, several patrol members went upstairs and arrived at the scene within a minute to deal with it in a timely manner. The speed of the alarm made me feel Surprise! The one-button alarm will alarm and let the police stand by your side at all times! " On April 10 , Wang Jing, owner of Jingxiang Hotel in Hutubi County, Xinjiang, commented on the one-button alarm system.

"After the alarm is installed, what the police can feel in a minute or two, this is really convenient for our people." Ms. He from Yanyan Internet Cafe, Changhua Road, Hutubi County said, Installation, she was very supportive.

In order to implement the Central and Central Xinjiang Strategy and the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region to maintain a stable "combined boxing" series of decision-making deployments, and to strengthen the ability of basic social control and emergency response, Hutubi County Public Security Bureau guided and urged the county on the basis of full investigation Party and government agencies at all levels, water, gas, oil and electricity, schools, kindergartens, hospital passenger stations, large commercial supermarkets and other key units, as well as crowded places, street shops, install "one-click alarm devices", and have made a special feature in the promotion and application road. 个,其中1981个已接入呼图壁县公安局110指挥中心,并与周边便民警务站、警务室、派出所实现互通互联。 As of now, the county has installed a total of 2450 "one-touch alarm devices", of which 1981 have been connected to the 110 command center of the Hutubi County Public Security Bureau, and are interconnected with nearby convenient police stations, police offices, and police stations. .

分钟、 2分钟行动圈 ,并多次召开电信、移动、联通公司负责人会议,协调3家运营商以每月20元、赠送300分钟话费的标准实行分片包干安装,同时升级改造现有的一键式报警装置平台。 This year, the Hutubi County Public Security Bureau listed the installation and use of the "one-button alarm device" as a key task in the basic work of social prevention and control, so that the police station can be used as a support point to coordinate police stations, police offices, and patrols. The police forces such as the prevention and control brigade and the checkpoints around the county have established a " one- minute, two- minute action circle " , and have held meetings of heads of telecommunications, mobile, and China Unicom companies several times, and coordinated the three operators with a monthly gift of 300 yuan and 300 yuan The standard of minute charge is to implement the piece-by-piece dry installation, while upgrading the existing " one-button alarm device " platform.

指挥大厅、派出所、便民警务站统一购置36台一键式报警装置警情提示专用电脑;各个辖区便民警务站绘制示意图,确保每一位巡逻队员都能熟悉辖区及周边基本情况,真正做到有警一分钟内准确到达报警现场。 Hutubi County has also integrated the "one-button alarm device" into its daily routine work. It has raised funds for 110 command halls, police stations, and convenient police stations to purchase 36 sets of one-button alarm devices for alerting computers; The convenient police station draws a schematic diagram to ensure that every patrol team member can be familiar with the basic conditions of the area and its surroundings, and truly reach the alarm scene within one minute of the police.

Xia Wenhai, deputy director of the Public Security Bureau of Hutubi County, said: "By perfecting the one-click alarm system, in the process of handling police, Hutubi County's nearest police station, quick response unit, and police station in the area received police and immediately rushed to the target. Direction, and determine the location of the alarm according to the supplementary warning, and arrive at the scene for disposal in a timely manner. It basically meets the deployment requirements of the "one minute, two minutes" disposal circle required by the autonomous region in key and critical locations and densely populated places. "

With the gradual improvement of system functions in Hutubi County, the installation and use of the one-click alarm system has been widely recognized and actively cooperated with the society. The satisfaction and happiness of the people in the jurisdiction have increased significantly, and the awareness of actively participating in stability maintenance has been significantly enhanced.

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