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With the promotion of the Belt and Road Initiative and PPP projects, Xinjiang's security industry investment will exceed 10 billion yuan

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项目的落地, 2017年新疆安防投资有望快速增长。 Benefiting from the advancement of Xinjiang ’s “Belt and Road” policy, the construction of “security cities” projects and the implementation of PPP projects, Xinjiang ’s security investment is expected to grow rapidly in 2017 .

万元的平安喀什建设项目(PPP) 、亿元级别的策勒县政府智慧城市PPP项目以及平安石城”PPP项目、项目金额高达386507万元的《莎车县平安城市PPP投资合作协议》等。 In recent years, major security vendors have frequently sold large orders in Xinjiang, including the Ping An Kashi construction project (PPP) with a total investment of 271.5 million yuan, and the 100 million yuan Cele County Government Smart City PPP project. And " Ping'an Shicheng " PPP project, "Ping'an City PPP Investment Cooperation Agreement of Shache County" with a project value of up to 3.86605 million yuan. Affected by this, the proportion of receivables of major security suppliers in Xinjiang business is on the rise.

增量投入超百亿,且有望在短期内集中释放:新疆安防形势日益严峻,作为一带一路战略的重要桥头堡,防恐维稳的目标被进一步强化, 2016年安防信息化投入规模约为37亿。 Xinjiang security informationization is a highly determined direction ! Incremental investment exceeds 10 billion yuan and is expected to be released in a short period of time: Xinjiang ’s security situation is becoming increasingly severe. As an important bridgehead of the Belt and Road strategy, the goal of preventing terrorism and maintaining stability Further strengthened, the scale of security information investment in 2016 was about 3.7 billion. After the new leadership team came to power, the security level of the whole Xinjiang area increased rapidly, towards the Shanghai World Expo and the London Olympics. 标清升级至高清等精细化管理成为迫切需求。 Large-scale events and events such as the Games are on par ! Refined management such as SD to HD has become an urgent need.

年新疆计划完成全社会固定资产投资1.5万亿元以上,同比增长50%In 2017 , Xinjiang plans to complete investment in fixed assets of more than 1.5 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 50% . 亿元,同比增长71%Among them, the information industry plans to invest 24 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 71% . 综合交通计划投资2497亿元,同比增长高达298%As an important part of the information industry, the demand for security investment has increased rapidly ; the investment in comprehensive transportation plans has reached 249.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 298% . The increase in comprehensive transportation investment will also benefit the security industry. 一带一路政策的推进、 安防城市工程的建设以及PPP项目的落地, 2017年新疆安防投资有望快速增长。 In addition, benefiting from the promotion of Xinjiang ’s “ Belt and Road policy, the construction of security cities projects and the implementation of PPP projects, Xinjiang ’s security investment is expected to grow rapidly in 2017 .

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