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Smoke and fire detectors: prevention is not a prediction

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We can often see the occurrence of various fires in the mw百乐牛牛, or the improper use of gas in the home, or the short circuit caused by the circuit, etc., but the fire in the home is unpredictable, it may happen at any time, or it may not happen. But prevention has to be done. As long as the concept of occurrence exists, we cannot ignore it. In modern urban homes, many people cause fire accidents because they do not understand the common sense of the family, causing the happy family to be destroyed in an instant, and some of them lead to the destruction of their homes. In the event of a residential fire, improper disposal and delay in reporting will result in casualties. The main reason. When investigating the cause of the fire, most of the parties involved in the fire said that they used to think that the fire was a matter of others, far away from themselves, and did not expect this time to happen to themselves. Statistics from the fire department show that household fires account for about 30% of all fires. There are all kinds of reasons for the fire in the home. It may be in the place we notice, or it may be hidden in the place that we do not even notice. If smoke alarms are widely used in residential homes, the serious losses caused by fires can be effectively reduced. In the initial stage of a fire, a large amount of smoke is often generated due to insufficient combustion of the item. If an effective smoke detector is installed, it can detect the indoor smoke concentration change, issue a local alarm, and the fire has not spread. At that time, the crowd can be informed to open the fire water valve in time, and the fire can be controlled in time in the early stage of the fire, and the danger will be stifled in the cradle.

Speaking of smoke alarms, there is no need to install wiring in the home, it is simple and convenient, and it does not need to be troublesome to install. For example, the smoke and fire alarm detector sensed by the Internet of Things only needs to be placed in the position, and the detected data can be transmitted to the mobile phone in real time. Once the data is abnormal, a voice alarm will be issued through the mobile phone. The linkage function has been added. Once the initial disaster occurs, you can directly prevent the spread of the disaster by intelligent actions such as opening the water valve and opening the window, and truly achieve intelligent intelligence.

We can make the detector temporarily inoperable through the arming and disarming action of the smoke detector when smoking. Through the remote control method of accessing the Internet, even if the user is thousands of miles away from home, the alarm information can be grasped through the mobile phone. Through the linkage of the smoke detector and the sound and light alarm, the detector can wake up the user even when the user is asleep. If the person is not at home and the phone is out of power, the sound and light alarm can also wake up pedestrians and neighbors to rescue them in time.

Numerous data show that the benefits of using a domestic smoke alarm are: it can quickly detect a fire when it catches fire; it reduces the rate of casualties; and it reduces the loss of fire, which is often caused by the first fired substance. Various fire statistics also show that the shorter the time between fire and fire detection, the lower the fire mortality rate. In fact, fire death rates in households protected by smoke alarms are lower than those in households without such protection.

Although smoke and fire detectors can protect the home to a certain extent, only protection can not predict the occurrence of accidents. Users should check the electrical and gas conditions in their homes in case of accidents.

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