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The patrol team Yangshuo is about to start

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的心里却是清凉愉快的。 In August, the weather was hot and the sun was burning, but the hearts of the Hawkmen were cool and happy. From August 24th to August 26th, the company will organize a trip to Yangshuo for three days and two days.
销售任务,公司决定在8月进行一次全体旅游。 In order to celebrate the company's colleagues working together to overfulfill the July sales of burglar alarms , the company decided to conduct a whole tour in August. The Ministry of Administration has comprehensively considered a series of factors such as travel time, attractions, and costs, and proposed several tourist spots in Yangshuo for three days, Qingyuan for two days, and two days for the sea for your reference.
"Guilin landscape is a world, Yangshuo landscape is a Guilin!" Visiting Guilin has always been the wish of many employees of the company. The three-day tour of Yangshuo won the consensus of everyone.

Patrol security group

Patrol Security Team

After determining the attractions, the administrative department actively contacted the travel agency to determine the attractions and routes to ensure the itinerary. 保质保量按时出货,不能因为旅游而耽误了出货时间,仓库部门近日加班打包,提前做好发货准备。 At the same time, the production supervisor adjusts the production schedule in time to ensure that each batch of anti-theft alarms is delivered on time and in time. The travel time cannot be delayed due to travel. The warehouse department has recently worked overtime to pack and prepare for shipment in advance. In short, all departments plan ahead and cooperate actively to make all preparations before the trip.
的阳朔行即将开始,这是巡鹰人期待的一次活动。 The Yangshuo line of the Falconer team is about to start. This is an event that the Falconer people look forward to. The green mountains and green waters of Yangshuo, the strange mountains and strange rocks, and the strange customs are coming!

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