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The Chairman of the Touring Eagle Transformation made an important speech

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科技有限公司董事长廖光文先生在例会上发表重要讲话。 On November 30, 2015, Mr. Liao Guangwen, Chairman of Shenzhen Xingying Security Technology Co., Ltd. delivered an important speech at the regular meeting.

Participating departments: Marketing Department, E-Commerce Department, Purchasing Department, Finance Department, Production Department, Development Department, Engineering Department, Warehouse Department, etc .; In light of the current development direction of the company, the future development goals of the patrol eagle are clarified. First of all, the company is in the stereotype period. We need to clarify the target direction. During the stereotype period, each department and post should do the relevant work, focus on the quality of production, strictly implement the rules and procedures, timely feedback the problem, and severely punish non-reporting and non-feedback. Problem situation. " 属于高速发展的阶段各大部门都需认真完成工作共同为目标做努力。 During the meeting, major issues were resolved and replied. The current patrol security is a stage of rapid development. All major departments need to seriously complete their work and work together for the goal.

Patrol hawk meeting

In addition, during the meeting, Mr. Liao Guangwen emphasized that "the technical department should do a good job. The number of test samples after product development needs to be increased to avoid product quality problems in mass production; after the samples are qualified, they need to be sealed and stored to avoid loopholes in re-production The order of the market department should be strictly operated in accordance with the rules and regulations, and the customer calculates the production cycle and conducts mass production after confirming the sample. "

Patrol Eagle Regular Meeting 1

坚定了未来的发展方向。 Through this meeting, Patrol Eagle Security strengthened its future development direction. Each department has a clear goal, actively formulates a work plan, works strictly in accordance with rules and regulations, drives its department's duties and works well, and the departments cooperate with each other to jointly build a patrol eagle dream and let the patrol eagle fly higher and further.

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