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Patrol security


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Patrol Patent Certificate

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Shenzhen Xingying Security Technology Co., Ltd. not only pays great attention to the research and development of new products. Since the company was founded in 2003, it has continuously developed new products and has been unanimously recognized by customers after being promoted to the market. And we also pay more attention to the protection of intellectual property rights. Our company has successively obtained design patent certificates divided into "door and window anti-theft detectors" and "GSM intelligent anti-theft alarm G2".

Patrol Gate
Door and window anti-theft detector is referred to as door magnet;
Invested in research and development in November 2012; new products were put on the market in April 2013;
Apply for the appearance patent certificate and software work certificate in May 2013, the certificate was approved in November 2013, the certificate number is: 2646731 certificate patent number: Z L201330215043.8;
Door and window anti-theft detectors are exquisite in appearance. The main color is white. The size 67 * 49 * 14mm is used for doors and windows and can be used as decorations. The working voltage of the detector is 9-12V DC. uA original battery can last for 3-5 years; transmission power ≦ 10mA original battery can transmit 20,000 to 30,000 times; the emission frequency of the detector can be customized, standard frequency 315MHZ / 433MHZ, matching resistance 4.7M / 3.3M optional; Secondly, the detector is divided into 1527 chip and 2262 chip. In addition, it is equipped with a very long launch distance. The open area launch distance is> 100m, and the obstacle distance is> 50m. The code jump method simply uses the DIP switch mode to say goodbye to the age of the jumper cap.

Cruiser G2
GSM intelligent anti-theft alarm G2 is referred to as G2 alarm;
Invested in R & D in 2013 and officially sold in 2014;
Applied for appearance patent certificate and software works certificate in July 2014, and the certificate was approved in November 2014, certificate number: 3017075 Certificate patent number: Z L201430243996.X;
G2 burglar alarm is stylish and elegant, with elegant black and white. Intelligent anti-theft alarm system G2 is a fully automatic anti-theft electronic device. This device realizes the transmission of alarm information through a wireless cellular phone network communication base station. During operation, the device mainly determines to receive the alarm signals transmitted by various wireless detectors. Infrared detection technology and various types of magnetic control switches determine whether there is illegal intrusion or various gas leaks. After receiving the alarm signal, the device immediately alarms according to the preset alarm mode. By controlling the siren on-site alarm, the alarm information is transmitted to the alarm center or the user through the mobile phone short message. When there is an emergency, various wireless emergency buttons can be triggered to make the device send emergency help information. This device has a capacitive touch keyboard; the host can be set and dialed through the keyboard.
The G2 alarm supports language changes: Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, German, French and other six language switching, and can also be customized by language type. Main performance index: The wireless receiving frequency is optional 315MHZ / 433MHZ can also be customized. G2 alarm uses GSM network GSM frequency selectable 850/900/1800 / 1900MHZ; data response time ≤ 10 seconds (normal condition of GSM network); working voltage 9-12V DC, standby power consumption ≤ 0.6W, backup battery can continue to be normal Work ≥10 hours, continuous alarm work ≥4 hours.
The company adheres to the "people-oriented, technology-first" business philosophy, uses advanced management models, perfects the service management system, and provides customers with advanced and security products wholeheartedly, becoming your loyal friend and trusted partner.

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