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Patrol Beckham guarantees your funds security

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News: Fujian Tuhaodui "Qianshan" marries a girl with a villa Porsche.

Recently, some netizens broke the mw百乐牛牛 that Fujian reappeared the local tyrant bride, and the cash piled up into mountains. The dowry items included Porsche and villa. The netizen sighed: Even if the hire is high, but this dowry is not thin! These "expensive" dowry is something envy of other netizens. You see, this dowry is very valuable! The dowry includes: a villa; five storefronts of Zhengrong Wealth Center; a Porsche Cayenne; 50% of Gold Bank shares; 880,000 cash; pig feet, meat, noodles.

So the question is, how can you guarantee these valuables with so much gold and silver jewelry and a pile of cash? Of course, we need to install a high-tech intelligent anti-theft alarm system for the villa, 360 ° no dead ends, 24 hours a day monitoring, report the danger to the owner and report the alarm. This product of Patrol Security is more powerful. Here are the product details:


1.1 Features:

1.APP supports Apple, Android and other smart phones.

2. Each APP can install countless alarm hosts! Each alarm host can add 100 groups of APP users.

3.Three groups of SMS alarms and three groups of telephone alarm numbers can be set.

4. Supports 99 wireless zones, 8 fire zones, 8 emergency alarm zones, 8 medical call zones, 4 leak zones, and 2 wired zones; can be equipped with 20 remote controllers (the remote controller can also be used for emergency alarms) )

5.Use the mobile phone to scan the QR code to add the wireless accessories of the host, which is accurate and convenient.

6.Support switching between Chinese and English languages and voice.

7.Has a two-way intercom function.

8.With video surveillance function.

9.It has timing arming, timing disarming and timing stay-on functions (each timing can be set for three groups of time).

10. It has the function of environmental temperature and humidity detection, and can set high temperature alarm.

11.It has the function of prompting WIFI failure and telephone network failure.

12, there are doors and windows not closed reminder function.

13.Has a detector low-voltage prompt function.

14.Offline prompt function for detector.

15. Support extended time alarm function, extended time arming and extended time disarm function (0-99 seconds optional).

16. The alarm time of the host alarm can be selected (0-254 seconds or always sound).

17, with wireless transmission function, can control 99 patrol wireless siren.

18. In addition to the APP, you can also use the SMS and phone buttons to remotely control the host to arm and disarm.

19. The main unit has a left-behind defense function (only valid for intrusion-type defense zones 01-99).

20.Record 10 seconds of alarm voice.

22. Remote control arming / disarming siren alert tone function (optionally open or close).

23. Remote control arming / disarming SMS alert function (optionally on or off).

24.You can spray tear gas remotely to drive away thieves.

25.Can detect if someone is at home.

1.2 Performance indicators:

1. Wireless frequency: 315MHz / 433MHz (optional).

2. Wireless communication method: WiFi or WiFi + GSM or WiFi + WCDMA or WiFi + PSTN (optional).

3. Working power:

Host input: DC12V / 1A (strict requirements).

Standby power: ≦ 1.1W;

Alarm power: ≦ 2.2W;

Backup battery: DC7.4V / 800MA.

Backup battery working time: ≧ 7 hours.

4. Working conditions:

Temperature: -20 ~ + 55 ℃ Humidity: ≦ 85% non-condensing.

5. Built-in siren alarm volume: ≧ 80db.

6. Dimensions: 145mm (length) × 145mm (width) × 30mm (thickness).

7. Housing material: ABS.

Phone: 0755-26498270 / 0755-26498273

Fax: 0755-26498273


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