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Cruiser Beckham A, B, C sets hit

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Cruiser Beckham A, B, C sets hit

& nbsp; & nbsp; Surveillance Beckham is a security product which is developed and produced by itself. It can use wireless wifi network or GSM network. The appearance of the mainframe is different, and the streamlined design conforms to the modern aesthetics. In addition to the anti-theft alarm function, the APP also achieves the industry's low power consumption. Less than 1% of the power consumption can be achieved by few devices. Today I mainly introduce the differences between the three models A, B, and C.

Beckham A set:

Beckham B set:

Beckham C Set:

4006-829-929. The above are three sets of standards, the number of accessories can be customized according to customer requirements, please contact us for details: 4006-829-929.

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