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Four major detectors

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For home users, what kind of detection alarm works? In addition to the security door, how should the alarm work if a thief breaks into the room through a window. Let's take a look at the four mainstream detection alarms for home use.

Door magnetic switch alarm

This is an alarm product that works simply and is suitable for home use. It consists of two parts, one is fixed on the door frame or window frame, and the other is fixed on the corresponding door or sliding window. The inside of the alarm is a magnet. When the two are separated or separated by a large distance, the magnetic force disappears and the alarm is triggered.

This alarm has a low probability of false alarms. When you are at home, you can turn off the alarm and turn it on when you go out. The small alarm can be used with the alarm host to trigger an alarm and send an alarm message to the mobile phone

This alarm has a low probability of false alarms. When you are at home, you can turn off the alarm and turn it on when you go out. The small alarm can be used in conjunction with the alarm host to trigger an alarm and send alarm information to the mobile phone. It can also be used with a surveillance camera at home. I do not recommend that you purchase it separately, because the following will introduce you to another type of detection alarm.

Indoor infrared detection alarm

If door and window magnetic alarms are considered as home security perimeter protection, then indoor security / safety prevention must also be subdivided. Can be divided into ordinary infrared detectors and motion detectors, these two functions of alarm can be applied in different environments.

Taking infrared detectors as an example, this is a standard product of many alarm hosts. The core of the infrared detector is a pyroelectric infrared detection element. It can radiate light to the surroundings and the human body can emit far infrared rays. The detector can detect whether there is anyone in the front or the detectable range by receiving " information " through the infrared sensor .

In order to avoid false alarms due to pets, the detector is generally installed at a relatively high position, and the detection distance is about 5m, which is suitable for general indoor use. This detector is easy to install, has high sensitivity, does not require any auxiliary light source, consumes less power, and can work normally even in a zero-light room.

If a thief visits your house unfortunately, if the thief successfully breaks through a level, this indoor detection alarm will also detect him. Some people say that this kind of detector has a high false alarm rate. In order to further eliminate hidden dangers, a motion detector can also be installed in the room. When the relative movement of a fixed object occurs, an alarm is immediately triggered. Two alarms guard the property.

Motion detectors are mostly used to protect insurance (safety) cabinets or important documents. This type of detector can detect that the position of a fixed object has been moved, thereby triggering a sensor alarm. For example, objects placed on the tabletop are removed from the tabletop, parked vehicles are started, and so on.

This detection alarm is more suitable for use with monitoring or other alarm equipment. In order to maximize its functions, it is used in combination with video, etc., with more direct image information and more sensitive mobile alarms. document.

In addition to the above-mentioned alarms for thieves, red flags should be set higher. For example, installing a smoke alarm or gas alarm in the home can effectively prevent fire or CO poisoning.

The working principle of the smoke or gas alarm is basically the same. When the relevant gas or smoke is detected, the alarm sounds in time. The gas leak detector mainly detects toxic, harmful and flammable gases to the human body. Most of them are installed in the kitchen. If the gas pipeline has a small leak and the owner fails to detect it in time, the detector sends an alarm message to the host through the core gas-sensitive sensor.

Taking household gas alarms as an example, or users who are forced to install or purchase their own, many people think that their alarm accuracy needs to be improved. Frequent alarms not only did not serve as an early warning, but made many consumers choose to turn off the device, and the story of "the wolf is coming" may be staged again.

The alarm should be installed to avoid the humid place or the place where the oil fume is concentrated. Otherwise, the long-term wet erosion can easily make the response of the alarm dull, but the gas is lighter than the air. Therefore, the equipment for monitoring the natural gas should be placed 30cm away from the flower panel Location, did you install the detector around the gas pipeline?

In order to experience the performance of the alarm, it can be judged from the alarm response time. For general alarms, the response time includes the response time, the alarm time and the confirmation time. This process is preferably 20 to 30 seconds.

The above summarizes the mainstream detection and alarm applications for families, including anti-theft for thieves and indoor gas alarms; door magnetic alarms for perimeter protection and infrared alarms for indoor applications. These alarm devices can be used together with the alarm host. The effect is even more outstanding if they are equipped with a monitoring system.

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