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Patrol Eagle anti-theft alarm goes wireless and networked

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来说,无线化、网络化一直是这几年重点发展的方向,知名企业普遍逐渐增加了TCP/IP、GSM、GPRS等多种通讯方式,有些还支持手机端控制。 For patrol security , wireless and network have been the focus of development in recent years. Well-known companies have gradually increased TCP / IP, GSM, GPRS and other communication methods, and some also support mobile phone control.
With the gradual application of 3G, WIFI and other methods, the trend of wireless alarm products is becoming clearer. Nowadays, the proportion of wireless products in the alarm system applied on the market is increasing, reaching more than 30%. Some domestic manufacturers that have traditionally made wired products have also begun to launch multi-network alarm hosts this year, such as the Patrol Eagle Security GSM wireless series, which integrates communication modules such as 3G, GSM, GPRS, and CDMA. Easy to use, has won the favor of many new and old customers. Therefore, wireless and network become the main development trend of burglar alarm applications.
The advantages of the Patrol Eagle wireless anti-theft alarm are obvious. Everyone knows that, like some relatively large projects, when installing anti-theft alarms, there are hundreds of wires in the concentration point. Sometimes I do n’t know where to do it. Large, wireless, of course, there is no need to worry about the line, and it is very convenient to move, not only saving a lot of line costs, but also a little flexible performance for maintenance.

Patrol security
wifi smart anti-theft alarm

In order to comply with the pace of network development, TCP / IP-based products have become the direction of alarm systems. PH-W2。 Patrol Security introduced a wifi smart anti-theft alarm PH-W2. Transmission of alarm information via WiFi network; transmission of alarm information via GSM network (GSM: 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz); transmission of alarm information via 3G network (W-CDMA: 900 / 2100MHz); high standard built-in antenna, wireless signals are not affected Any influence; support Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Danish, etc .; detector battery low voltage alert function; Apple / Android mobile APP application software control; and other features and functions.
Wireless and network are the development goals of the patrol burglar alarm, and they are moving towards wireless and network step by step.

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