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Patrol Eagle Security and Terrorism Tear Security Alliance

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董事长廖光文先生与总经理唐京京女士辗转二千多公里走进河南商丘孵化园,拜访中国的反恐催泪安保公司--河南东方巨源电子有限责任公司。 On May 28, 2015, Mr. Liao Guangwen, Chairman of Eagle Inspection Security and Ms. Tang Jingjing, General Manager, walked more than 2,000 kilometers into Henan Shangqiu Incubation Park to visit China's anti-terrorism tear-proof security company, Henan Dongfang Juyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. Dongfang Juyuan has more than 20 years of security history and is a leader in the security industry.

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On the morning of May 29, 2015, Mr. Liao Guangwen and Ms. Tang Jingjing visited the company's product display area and the company's development history. ”及App应用软件( )。 In the afternoon, Mr. Liao Guangwen explained the company's corporate culture and development history, and showed the company's new product, " Eagle Beck " and its application software ( ). "Beagle Patrol" is a smart health steward that integrates intelligent anti-theft, home care, healthy life and elderly help. Transmission of alarm information via WIFI and GSM dual networks-simple and fast! You can watch the live video remotely at any time through the Beckham APP, grasp the status of the alarm equipment, understand the indoor temperature and humidity, and pay attention to the activities of the elderly for 24 hours ... The excellent quality of this product has been unanimously approved by Dongfang Juyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. at the scene The two parties signed a product commercial cooperation agreement. Alliance with each other and jointly create China's smart security. From then on, "Eagle Beckham" controlled the gateway to participate in the bank's anti-terrorist family. It only took 3 minutes to subdue the gangsters.

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Patrol security
”走出巡鹰的首演圆满成功! The premiere of " Cruiser Beckham " out of the patrol was a complete success! Stay tuned for follow-up!

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