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Cruiser security debuts at IFSEC 2017

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   620-22日,深圳市巡鹰安防科技有限公司第五次远赴英国伦敦,参加英国安防展IFSEC 2017 On June 20-22 , 2017 , Shenzhen Xingying Security Technology Co., Ltd. went to London, UK for the fifth time to participate in the British Security Exhibition IFSEC 2017 . Patrol Security brings innovative product lineups to provide world buyers with a richer and more practical smart life experience, which has won unanimous praise from the audience.

IFSEC was a well-known brand in the world of security in 1973. The exhibition has a clear theme, clear positioning and strong professionalism. Whether it is a new product release of an enterprise or an annual purchase by a buyer, the exhibition is used as a platform for display and trading. Over the years, the British exhibitions will attract hundreds of exhibitors and buyers from the United States, Canada, France, Russia, Germany, Singapore, China, Japan, South Korea, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, and more than 30,000 professional visitors. Negotiate. IFSEC 2017 integrates important innovations and services across the industry. As far as the market segment of DIY smart home security is concerned, the development of the European market is ahead of China, and especially driven by the demand for counter-terrorism, it has maintained a rapid growth pattern. From the feedback from overseas front-line markets and the continued layout of giants such as Apple, Google, and Samsung, it can be seen that the security heat of smart homes will continue to rise in the future.

   年巡鹰安防初次参加IFSEC ,此次展会,巡鹰安防推出的868MHz智能传感解决方案及云服务应用技术,包括智能WiFi/3G/4G系列产品,受到来自安防界和媒体朋友们的普遍关注。 In 2013 , Patrol Security participated in IFSEC for the first time. At this exhibition, Patrol Security introduced the 868MHz smart sensing solution and cloud service application technology, including smart WiFi / 3G / 4G series products, which were widely received by friends from the security industry and media. attention.

The third generation of the WiFi / 3G / 4G smart home security system-Patrol Eagle Beckon on display, can remotely control the entire alarm system and appliance switches through the App, and can also be controlled through the cloud platform to achieve a more interactive experience. Humanized functions such as system timing provide customers with more convenience. Patrol Eagle White 3 is an intelligent security system that realizes high-definition care and remote alarm through WiFi / 3G / 4G dual network connection. The APP operation allows users to transcend the limitation of time and space, and can remotely control the home at any time and any place. Its simple and stylish UI design is also an important experience that other similar competitive products do not have at present, and it is the advantage of Touring Eagle's own brand.

Patrol Security has long been deeply involved in the European and American markets, and its independent brands are well-known in the security market. This trip to the United Kingdom further explained the strategic development path of the continuous innovation of Touring Eagle: In addition to the European market recognition for product quality, it will also continue to innovate industrial services around the comprehensive needs of family customers, and accelerate the development of core technologies in the Internet of Things. The research and development of cloud service platforms, and the creation of cloud platform operation services, serve the world's users.

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