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What functions can Patrol Security Network Camera (2016 upgrade version) achieve

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First of all, let's popularize what is a network camera : as the name implies, it is a camera that can be used only when connected to the network, but it is not just a camera. It is a surveillance camera. The monitored images will also be sent to the user's mobile phone. The camera is rotated 360 degrees, and can be detected by any rotation according to user instructions.

So what are the new features of Patrol Eagle 2016's upgraded version of the network camera? Let's explore it briefly.

1. Support WIFI network, GSM network, 3G network and other commonly used networks.

2. Added 868MHz bi-directional transmission function. The transmitted content will stop transmitting again after receiving a reply.

3. Two-way intercom function

4. Mobile APP timing reminder function

5. Infrared night vision is better, and the picture is sharper.

6. Mute, monitor, and talk everything

The above is part of the new version of the new network camera . If you have more questions, please contact the official website customer service staff.


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