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Patrol security


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Patrol security guards thieves

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This is something that happened recently. Peng, a professional thief, went through the window and stole seven or eight houses overnight. This day was just right and the right place. The rainstorm caused the transformer to be damaged. There was a large area of power outage near the residential area. The access control system was paralyzed. On the morning of July 25 , Peng came to Xi'an from his home in Xianyang, driving a Buick off-road vehicle borrowed from a friend. As early as around 2009 , he had rented a place near Yuhuazhai and knew the area quite well.  

In the afternoon, when he heard that there was a power outage nearby, he thought of burglary while taking advantage of the power outage.  
The silver-collar garden district is a residential area in this area, with both civil and physical defenses in place. At night, he drove the car to the gate of the community, walked through the gate, and entered the community generously.  
He is wearing gloves and a baseball cap and has no tools for committing crimes. At this time, it was early in the morning of the 26th , and there were very few people in the entire community. He walked around several times, figured out the route, and committed the crime.  
Stolen 30,000 yuan in cash and shopping cards, mobile phones, etc., totaling about 50,000 yuan. The crimes were turned in through the kitchen window. The whole process took about two hours. Subsequently, Peng Mo drove away and sold the stolen goods after dawn.  

The theft incident was due to a large-scale power outage at the time, which resulted in no such monitoring . The police had difficulty handling the case. After half a month of squatting and cross-examination, the suspect Peng was found and arrested.

He explained that since June last year , there have been more than 50 burglaries in high-tech, Yanta, Lianhu and other communities . Because he was familiar with the surveillance access control, and knew how to avoid it, he was so mad.

The patrolling security allows the mad thief to abandon the thief.

A good way to stop thieves is to prevent theft first, and the anti-theft needs to be advanced to let the thief run away. Patrol Eagle security anti-theft alarm system , alarm host and alarm accessories have their own power supply, battery life is more than six months, can be used again after charging. If a thief enters through a door or window, the door and window alarm will be triggered. The alarm host will issue a high-decibel alarm and actively call the host. At the same time, the alarm message can be sent to the property or the nearest police station. After receiving the alarm, the host can remotely use the mobile phone. Monitor the scene, and use the two-way intercom function of the camera to intimidate the thief. (At this time, the camera has sent all the videos to the owner's mobile phone, and the camera also has a high-definition night vision function.) If the thief does not listen to the advice we still have a tear spray, One-touch activation of the mobile phone, positioning the thief 360 °, aiming to actively spray pepper water, so that the thief had nowhere to run.

With such high-tech, your home will be as solid as gold soup, and the abominable thief can only smell the fright and discard the thief.

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