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Patrol security talks about the importance of fire alarms in rental housing

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( August 29 ) At 7:25 am, the Bao'an District Committee of Shenzhen issued a message: At 2.45 am on August 29 , a fire broke out in a rental house on Anshan 4th Road, Ma'anshan Community, Shajing Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, The fire was put out at that time, and the fire killed seven people. According to an official report, four other serious injuries are now being fully treated in the hospital. The fire was preliminarily judged to be caused by electric vehicle charging. Six working groups have been established in the urban area to carry out follow-up treatment and aftercare.


I. Crowd Orientation

Most of the people renting houses are middle-class workers working in companies or ordinary workers working in factories. This group has a large workload and generally works longer hours. After work will be very tired, lack of spirit, and awareness of prevention is relatively weak.

Two: living conditions

After working hard, people in this group have only a little time to rest after work, and then continue to work for two days. Maybe the electric kettle is still hot and people are asleep; they are already hungry after cooking and gobble After a meal, I forgot to turn off the gas valve; I went out to throw garbage, but I forgot whether the door was locked, etc.

Third, security awareness

Most of the people who rent a house are away from their homes and go to another city to work hard. First of all, renting a house is to find a foothold. The simple furnishings inside the house have caused people to pay less attention to the concept. Secondly, there wasn't much of it before, and there was care from the landlord. However, according to data statistics, the probability of accidents in rental housing is large.

Summary: From the above three points, it can be seen that the fire alarm and burglar alarm of rented houses are very important. Patrol Eagle security rental housing fire alarm can solve this problem well, and also provides a complete rental housing burglar alarm system. The purpose is only for thousands of people who are struggling to leave home to live in peace and happiness in another city.

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