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Mid-year Summary Meeting

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Time is like an arrow, the sun and the moon are like shuttles, and time slips away at our fingertips. In a blink of an eye , most of 2016 has passed. What have we learned in these 182 days? What did you pay? What's the gain? With these questions in mind, the various departments of Tour Eagle Security came together to make a mid-year 2016 summary.

7.7 日下午 18:30 分准时开始。 The mid-year summary of the Patrol Eagle Security is scheduled to start on time at 18:30 pm on the 7.7 . Time is not up yet, everyone has entered the venue, thinking seriously and preparing.

The first representatives were handsome guys in the domestic market. Through a series of data analysis and customer review, they gave a satisfactory answer to the first half of the year.

The beauties of the Ministry of Foreign Trade were not to be outdone, summed up and shared what they saw and exhibited in Europe in the first half of the year, and analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of our cruiser Beckham in the market, and the corrective measures. Directions, plans, goals are clear.

A wave of programmers, they are busy with various R & D, programming, and docking all day. PPT 演示都是各种代码,恕小编才疏学浅不能弄懂,不过留下这精彩的一幕还是没有落下。 Even the PPT presentations are all kinds of code, which I ca n’t understand, but I have n’t left this wonderful scene.

The representative of Gentlemen's Department of Gentlemen's Personnel said in her words, "I'm in charge of eating and drinking Lazarus for all the people of the eaglemen, and you're right to come to me."

我们村里有个姑娘叫小芳,长的好看又善良...... The responsible financial sister Fang Fang, as she is called , is like the song " There is a girl in our village named Xiao Fang who looks good and kind ... "

The photo below is too beautiful for me to look at. The sun, handsomeness, and even smile are full of magic. Are you infected at the moment, laughing? This is the boss of the production department, hard and happy.

闪亮登场。 Next is the "Sister Fairy " of the eagle patrol . Her face was filled with a confident smile, which was the source of the patrol motive. With her support and encouragement, the patrol hawks all the way and stands out in the industry.

The head of the tour patrol made a summary of today's meeting and also made a detailed plan for us in the second half of the year. "When you ride the wind and waves, there are times when you hang on the clouds to sail the sea."

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