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Patrol security


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Patrol Eagle Security Development Superior mw百乐牛牛 Alarm

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The development of patrol security has been for ten years, and it has a variety of superior conditions in developing home alarms.

Geographical conditions, patrol security is located in Shenzhen, has a unique security industry development space, "heavyweight" security companies, nearly 50% concentrated in Shenzhen, patrol security is one of them. In terms of procurement, Shenzhen has a large professional market for security products. Shenzhen has concentrated 70% of first-level agents, 50% of manufacturers and the general agent of most foreign security brands in China. Our company is a physical enterprise engaged in R & D and production. It is also an enterprise that agents and buyers pay attention to.

Patrol Eagle Security Production Workshop
Plants and Workshops of the Patrol

Traffic conditions, Shenzhen is a coastal city, logistics development is very mature, sea, land and air transportation is convenient, the cruiser has long-term cooperation with a number of well-known logistics companies to ensure timely delivery of goods. On its own terms, home anti-theft products have always been the key development products of Patrol. In the R & D team, production management, quality inspection, marketing and other processes, Patrol has managed according to standardized procedures to ensure that our products are advanced. Production is scientific, quality is guaranteed, and after sales are reassuring.

It is precisely because there are many advantages of home anti-theft products that it allows the patrol series products to be sold at home and abroad, all over the world.

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