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Patrol Eagle Security GSM Alarm

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[Cycling Eagle Security] Empty-nest elderly people, left-behind children, are now more common in China now, especially in rural villages and towns far from cities, where young adults go out to work, and there are many elderly and under-age children left in their homes. In some areas, more than 80% of the resident population are elderly and children. Since then, the problem of elderly and children has become an important issue in the anti-theft work at home.

  In response to this special situation, the home GSM alarm launched by Patrol Security combined with Patrol Security Alarm Center software can effectively solve this situation. First, sort out the information of each resident in the area, and install an alarm device in each home. There is a transmitting device. After the alarm device is activated, the relevant information of the resident can pass the transmitting device. At the same time, the alarm center is installed at the street office. Office or other guarded departments with personnel, the information of each resident can be transmitted to the command center of the relevant department in a timely manner. Once there is a situation, the police and other personnel can grasp the situation of the alarm person at a time, shortening the incident processing time; secondly, the The platform also has a joint defense function. When a household touches the alarm, in addition to the relevant departments can receive information, the mobile phone of the owner of the surrounding people will also receive relevant information (which can be achieved through settings). If it is a fire, etc., the information is received. Neighbors can help in time. Learn more

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