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Visiting Eagle Security 2017 New Year Speech

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Hello everyone!

2016 is past and 2017 is now. It is a historic turning point worth looking forward to. No matter what, we must strive to meet new opportunities and challenges. To cherish your precious life and friendship, to thank all for your love and support, to give your sincerity and hard work, and to achieve your existing career and learning. Looking back on the work over the past year, we have had difficulties and dangers, but in the past year, because of the understanding of new and old customers; because of the support of the majority of users, because of the hard work of all the staff of the Eagle, we are still Before, progress! During this year, all employees of Touring Eagle have dedicated themselves to the research and development and production of new intelligent security products, from 2G / 3G alarm systems to current smart wifi alarm systems; from the previous passive alarm to the current active defensive alarm, All thanks to the hard work and dedication of all colleagues in the company over the years. In the past 13 years, our company has maintained a healthy, good, steady and sustainable development momentum. The achievement of achievements has condensed the aspirations of the company's leadership and the hardships of the company's management, and it is the embodiment of the dedication and unremitting efforts of all colleagues. In 2017, the company will further deepen the reform of the operating system, promote the operation of diversified product sales, and seek greater development space. In the future development, the company will put the strategic intention of talent development in an important position, and is committed to providing colleagues with a broader and better career development platform. Opportunities are wonderful, innovation is great, and new years open new hopes, and new journeys carry new dreams. 2017 is a crucial year for us to sail and compose Hua Zhang! We will be full of confidence and move towards higher goals. Because we have dreams, we will spend the day and night, and we will only fight for the day and night. Because of our commitment, we will go forward without fear.

Standing at a new starting point, we work together to look forward to the goals and development blueprint of 2017. We firmly believe that: the new year, new hope, new hard work, through the joint efforts of all our colleagues, we can achieve Eagle Inspection and Security A new leap, creating a new glory for the company

2017 is a year of business opportunities. Let us work together side by side, towards a more ambitious goal, to continue to write a new chapter in the industry!

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