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Notice of the 2014 National Day Holiday of the Eagle Guard

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Dear customers at home and abroad:
Thank you for your continued support and friendly cooperation with our company.
After research and decision by the company, the 2014 National Day holiday notice is now as follows:
National Day, October 01 (Wednesday), 2014, holiday time: October 01 to October 05, a total of five days, October 01 to October 03 is a public holiday, October 04 (Saturday) In the morning, shift to work on the afternoon of October 11 (Saturday), rest on October 05 (Sunday), and start normal work on October 06.
的准备工作! Ask all new and old customers to prepare for ordering the Patrol Eagle security alarm !
Customers who need to consult or order anti-theft alarms during the holiday please contact the salesperson directly.
contact number:
Manager Liu: 15889475039
Manager Zhu: 15889475029
Manager Liang: 13530345727

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