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Patrol Eagle Security starts construction

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The patrol eagle security is officially started.

Firecrackers congratulate the new jubilee and Ruixue Zhaofeng. After a happy, peaceful and relaxing Spring Festival holiday, the patrol security partners returned to work again, and gathered together at this moment of spring and celebration!

As the saying goes, the year is spring, so at the beginning of the new year, we must devote ourselves to work with fuller enthusiasm, more solid style, and more effective measures to complete the new year. Get started and get started!

Get together

All reunions are long-term reunions.

Show a wave of family portraits!

Family portrait.

Family portrait.

Family portrait.

reunion dinner.


The company's friends come from all corners of the world. When they return to work, they all bring home specialty products. With the opportunity to start construction, they put together the special products to taste. Family feast!

The groundbreaking ceremony of Patrol Eagle Security is briefly introduced here. The most important thing is to bring everyone the blessings of the New Year. All employees of Patrol Security wish the new and old customers in the new year:

Healthy body

Caiyuan Guangjin

Business is booming

All the best!

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