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Hundred regiments learning to share-Falcons-Sibao Liangwu

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1. What do I want? 2. What do I have? 3. What are you willing to give up?

Want to be a successful person; learn to let go, let go of hobbies, let go of right and wrong. Do what you should do before you succeed, and do what you like when you succeed! Why don't you have money? Then you have to think for yourself, what you do every day is worthless?

The big difference between people is that above the neck, the head determines the pockets! How much of your salary goes to the neck? The head that does not make money is thinking, thinking is equal to behavior, behavior is equal to result, what is equal to result? In this era, the result is money; you ca n’t make money without thinking about making money; your life is not how much truth you understand but how much truth you really use! Where does the money thinking come from? It is to mix with those who are close to you who will make money; download his thinking directly, and his thinking over time is your thinking; then you have this thinking of making money; why do you pay 5 years ago and 5 The salary after the year has not changed, because your thinking has not changed!

Sales are done. Everyone is the same. It is better than anyone who has a strong vitality and has a strong vitality to fight for it. That is to say, let go of your hobbies before you succeed. The things you give up will be exchanged for more;

Of course, "activeness" is indispensable. Opportunities are reserved for active people. Active people are talents. Passive people are slaves. The initiative of people's wealth is to create them. As long as you take the initiative, you can lead others, influence others, and become others' god !!

When you get it, you need to know how to be grateful. To understand the rewards, send gifts to customers or friends who have helped you on holidays!

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