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The value of wireless sound and light alarms

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In smart home systems, many intelligent safety protection devices have alarm functions, such as smoke detectors, air quality control detectors, water leakage sensors, and gas leak detectors, so what is the use of a wireless sound and light alarm? How about it? Before analyzing this problem in detail, we might as well imagine a few scenarios without sound and light alarms , provided that we have installed some other intelligent security protection equipment.

Scene one: On the weekend, guests came to the house and prepared a hearty lunch for the guests. Everything seemed so smooth and almost perfect. It was very exciting and exciting. When the guests are already sitting at the table, waiting for your last dish from the kitchen, you are eager to complete the last process, so that the moment when the gas is turned off, it is a bit weak. This situation seems to be fine. Checking with a flammable gas leak detector is not a problem, but the key is that when eating with the guests, the conversation is very hilarious, and the mobile phone is not around.

Scenario 2: Scenario 1 is a small-probability event, but it is not excluded that this situation will be encountered. This second scenario may often happen now. In the evening, after a busy day, his body was exhausted, and as a result, he entered the bedroom and lay in bed to enter the dreamland. I was very satisfied in my sleep, the thoughts of various security devices were ready to pass, and a smile appeared on my face instantly, but I still slept deeply, very stable, very quiet, and fragrant. . At this moment, the kitchen seemed to be a little bit moving, and the mobile phone also vibrated, but you just touched your nose, said "Don't make a noise", then turned over and continued to enjoy the dream.

Scenario 3: This is a special scenario, which has nothing to do with the probability of emergencies and the probability of alarms from safety protection equipment, and is mainly aimed at special people. For example, there are elderly people in the family who have contributed their lives to the family, but in the end, their eyes and ears are a bit indifferent. The alarm method of general security protection equipment cannot be detected, and naturally the security protection effect cannot be achieved.

What do these scenarios illustrate? These scenarios are not to explain that the use of safety protection equipment such as smoke detectors, air quality control detectors, water leakage sensors, and flammable gas leak detectors is not effective, but to explain that their alarm effects cannot reach the effect at a specific time, and It is to explain that a wireless sound and light alarm still has its practical value at critical moments. If you don't believe it, we can take a look at this artifact of Patrol Eagle Security-wireless sound and light alarm.

It is understood that the IoT wireless sound and light alarm is essentially an alarm, and its main function is to alarm. However, frankly, it is not a pure alarm device, and its significance as a pure alarm device is not significant. Its main function is to enhance the function of safety protection equipment, in order to further strengthen the safety protection of the living environment of the home, to achieve a better alarm effect, to prevent the greatest possible trouble. Like other smart devices of Patrol Security, this wireless audible and visual alarm can be connected to a smart mobile terminal, supporting both local and remote control. As a device specially used to strengthen the alarm effect of other alarm devices, it can promptly alarm locally at the local end in the form of sound and light, and realize remote alarm through the Zhitong mobile terminal as soon as possible.

In general, wireless sound and light alarms can further enhance the alarm effect of safety protection equipment in smart home systems and maximize the safety index of home living environment. It is worth mentioning that due to the physical characteristics of sound and light, the wireless sound and light alarm of Patrol Eagle Security not only can send out alarm information, but also will not ignite flammable and explosive gases, which has extremely high security value. In addition, it is not an exclusive smart home, and can also be widely used in many other places, such as bank security, hotels, factories, government agencies, shops, schools, etc.

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