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The public that can't be ignored

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Foreword: The new era of Internet of Everything has arrived, and it is our responsibility to transform science and technology into productivity. 智慧消防系统 ”),2016年巡鹰安防套智慧消防系统(3.6万个设备点)在北京消防投入运行,2017年巡鹰安防智慧消防系统(40万个设备点)在北京、山东、浙江、福建等地区投入运行......,2017年9月,浙江湖州地区一城中村出租房楼道烟雾报警触发,社区、街道、专业消防站三级实时联动,将初期火情迅速消除,避免了一场重大火灾的发生。 In 2015, Patrol Eagle Security began to focus on the design and development of smart fire IoT alarm systems for small and micro-urban locations in cities (referred to as “ smart fire protection systems ”). In 2017, the Patrol Eagle security fire protection system (400,000 equipment points) was put into operation in Beijing, Shandong, Zhejiang, Fujian and other regions ... In September 2017, a smoke alarm was issued in the rented building in a village in a city in Huzhou, Zhejiang Triggered, the community, the street, and the professional fire station have three levels of real-time linkage to quickly eliminate the initial fire and avoid a major fire.

Smart Fire 1

Smart Fire 2

慧消防物联网报警系统可以帮助城市提升火灾预警水平,让城市变得更安逸,让人民生活地更安逸。 We are not firefighters, and we cannot fight with fire officers and soldiers at the scene of a fire, but our cause-the smart fire IoT alarm system for urban small places can help cities raise the level of fire early warning, make cities more comfortable, and let people A more comfortable place to live. If you have experience in fire protection system or local government fire protection social resources, please read the following:

1. The fire disaster is fierce, and governments around the world will increase investment to improve the fire prevention early warning mechanism, with a scale of 100 billion yuan;

2. The application of the Internet of Things technology is a new technology focused on promotion and support;

3. The future has come. It is a great thing to improve the people's level through the Internet of Everything, and it is a development trend in the new era.

4. Investing in this business will not only benefit the country and the people, but also get rich economic reports.

报警运营中心,有意向成为我们的事业合伙人,请发送您的详细联系方式至phchn@qq.com或在本文结束处留言。 If you are willing to invest time, funds, resources with us to establish a provincial or regional smart fire IoT alarm operation center for small places, and intend to become our business partner, please send your detailed contact information to or Leave a message at the end of this article.

Smart Fire 3

Smart Fire 5

Smart Fire 6

Smart Fire 7

Smart Fire 8

Smart Fire 9

Smart Fire 10

Smart Fire 11

Smart Fire 12

Smart Fire 13

Concluding remarks: In the cold winter, a fire broke out and it was useless to wear wool for people who had nowhere to go. So we must act, we must act, we must act!

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