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Maverick, Eagle Guarding Corporate Culture

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  企业巡鹰安防发展十年,一直注重公司的企业文化,提倡人文关怀,力争做好家庭的防盗产品。 For ten years, the development of home burglar alarm enterprises, Eagle Inspection and Security, has always focused on the company's corporate culture, promoted humanistic care, and strived to make good home anti-theft products.
In terms of study, the patrol advocates learning, studying, and studying again. The company has a learning plan every month, encouraging each employee to become a teacher, imparting their own good skills to everyone, and exchanging work experience and work skills. Learn at work, grow in study, enrich your inner world, and be a strong person in spirit.
In terms of activities, there are collective activities, group activities, and departmental activities for Patrol Eagle Security. The forms of activities are diverse and not restricted to one form. It can be outdoor mountain climbing, indoor court competitions, or team visits. Spontaneously organize sharing after the event to get more experience.

Patrol security culture wall

Patrol security culture wall

In life, patrol security firmly believes that loving the family can love the cause. Every year the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival, the general manager of the company will send condolences to the employees' homes and send blessings.

The company's cultural wall has a variety of contents, including company vision, patrol declaration, customer signature photos, employee activities, exhibition style ...

The company's clothing culture also reflects the characteristics of the patrol, white professional shirts, dignified and generous; blue professional skirts, fully embodies the dignified and beautiful women; military green 101 air force suit, the embodiment of military style.

Mavericks, patrol eagles take different cultural paths, home security alarm, patrol people are proud of their unique corporate culture!

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