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Reasons and solutions for flicker of outdoor infrared night vision waterproof camera

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红外夜视防水摄像机 是众多摄像机里面销量好的一款,随着人们的生活需要,我公司自主研发的红外防水摄像机受到用户的一致好评,近有很多用户朋友会问到我们一个问题:以前购买的防水摄像头会出现闪烁的情况,你们公司的产品会出现吗? Patrol Eagle outdoor infrared night vision waterproof camera is one of the best-selling cameras in many cameras. With the needs of people's lives, the infrared waterproof camera independently developed by our company has been well received by users, and many friends will ask us Question: The waterproof camera I bought before will flicker. Will your company's products appear?

First, let ’s popularize the reasons and solutions for this situation.

The environmental illuminance detected by the light-sensitive element is slightly lower than the threshold value, which is the problem. There are two cases

First, at a certain point in the dusk, for a short time, this problem occurs. If you don't want to increase the cost, use a general heart film. Our idea is to explain the reason to the user and tolerate it.

2. This problem is solved when the lighting intensity is stable.

1. Change the threshold.

In the same type of product, the threshold is also different, and there is dispersion. Replacement of a product may solve the problem.

Manufacturers provide products with different design thresholds for replacement.

Products with higher threshold design parameters are less likely to flicker.

2. Change the environment

Change the intensity and angle of the lighting.

Slightly change the installation angle of the infrared waterproof camera, move up, down, left and right, the illuminance detected by the detector will change a lot, and it will leave near the threshold to solve the flicker problem.

3. Use high-quality low-light camera cores with backlight compensation and anti-glare, especially dedicated IR lenses;

机附近有人或其它物体对红外光进行反射时,会造成探测到的照度反复变化,引起闪烁。 In addition, when people or other objects reflect infrared light near the outdoor infrared night vision waterproof camera , the detected illuminance will change repeatedly, causing flicker. For example, during the demonstration test and inspection, the camera is installed at a low position, and when the object is close to the camera.

This is not a problem. When the infrared waterproof camera is in the normal installation position, this phenomenon naturally disappears. For example, just be careful not to reverse the infrared light directly to the photosensitive element from a very short distance.

So there are many reasons for the flicker, but we can guarantee that every product we send out is a qualified product. If you have more questions about infrared waterproof cameras, please feel free to call our company phone, we will be at your service.


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