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After 10 years of training, the security of the patrol is unstoppable

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After 10 years of honours, the patrol eagle security is unstoppable. Since the establishment of the patrol eagle security step by step forward, experienced too many ups and downs to have the current patrol eagle security.

Patrol Eagle Security was established in 2003 and it is now its 10th anniversary. For 10 years, it has been focusing on anti-theft alarms. It is a professional equipment supplier for GSM defense systems in China. It is a technology company integrating the production, sales and installation of security products. It is located in Shenzhen, a bustling and fast-growing city.

Today, Shenzhen has become China's security capital and the world's security city. It is conceivable in this world security city, how fierce the security industry competition is. The patrol security has to go forward step by step. Although it is not currently listed, we, the patrol personnel believe that our team can do it.

Tour Eagle Security has a number of years of industry experience, strong technology, high quality, enterprising professional R & D, production and sales team, over the years to GSM security product development, production and marketing, with the core technology with independent intellectual property rights. Always pay attention to the company's corporate culture, promote humane care, and strive to do a good job of home anti-theft products.

Patrol Eagle Security Production Workshop and Office Building
Patrol production workshop and office building

The company's products are widely used in households, residential real estate, power, transportation, petroleum, chemical, coal, railway, municipal, public security and other industries, such as devices, data monitoring and remote monitoring. So far, the patrol series products include: 3G video surveillance image alarm system, GSM power equipment alarm system, GSM home / commercial alarm system, GSM industrial alarm system, telephone alarm system, smart home control alarm system, networked alarm center system, And various detectors.

For this reason, the patrol eagle security has experienced 10 years of hard work, and it is unstoppable. In the future, the security industry is a shining star.

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