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This mysterious layer of artificial intelligence and IoT innovation

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I am a member of the public Internet of Things field, and the topics I discuss every day are basically inseparable from the two fields of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. Today, practitioners in these two fields hold high the "intelligence era, everything is connected, and the future has come." Through the land of China, many companies can become China's high-tech enterprises with these two high-level fields plus the word innovation and some other certification documents. Various capitals are also chasing in these two areas. Many young people, Returnees have successively joined the entrepreneurial innovation teams in these fields.

Some time ago, I watched a sharing video of Mr. Zhang Xiaolong, the father of WeChat, a fellow fellow in the same city. We talked about WeChat to encourage original articles, and kindness is more important than smart. The tragedy in fact is basically the same as the failure. Except that some people want to speculate and steal the chicken, they are defeated because of ignorance and blindness. Although failure is the mother of success, but the price paid is too great, and the mother of success will not hold it. I have an industrial automation professional education background, eighteen years of ups and downs and entrepreneurial experience, and my current career and Internet of Things reasons. I want to talk with you about the mysterious artificial intelligence and Internet of Things and related innovation topics.

First of all, artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence) is referred to as AI. In simple terms, artificial intelligence is the function that allows the machine to have the senses of the human body and the brain to learn and think. At present, the representative artificial intelligence machine is to play Go and play all over the world. AlphaGo robot. The research on artificial intelligence should have begun when a computer was invented, and it has a history of nearly 70 years. During these decades, neural network analysis algorithms, automatic control theory, biometrics, bionics, computer linguistics, Research and innovation in related fields such as semiconductor technology, computer vision and image processing are constantly developing, and there are many well-known application cases. My own personal experience was that the teachers of the Industrial Automation Teaching and Research Office designed a robot that can eaves and walk through the wall 20 years ago when he went to school. It often fell off the wall during the test, but it was already very amazing under the background of the comprehensive technical level at that time. Artificial intelligence works.

Secondly, talk about the Internet of Things (IoT) for short, which means that things are connected through the Internet. If you have sensor technology + information communication technology + computer software engineering knowledge, you can get the Internet of Things. Many links in today's express logistics from shipping, sorting, transportation, and receiving packages by users are typical examples of IoT technology applications. But from a technical point of view, the Internet of Things technology is not an innovative thing. The combat system of the soldiers of the Riceland Army N years ago is the successful application of the Internet of Things technology in the military field. One of his own jobs in 1995 was to debug the remote control and dispatching system of the power system grid. The system has realized that various equipment across regional power plants, substations, and distribution networks can achieve system network operation through microwave and power carrier dedicated networks. At that time, I did not know the use of the future term of the Internet of Things, but all the work of the Internet of Things was done. Nowadays, the Internet of Things technology uses the public Internet for transmission, and the cost is lower and faster, and the use cost is very low. The Internet of Things technology has the conditions for promotion in various fields of society.

At this point, the mysterious gauze layer of artificial intelligence and IoT innovation can be lifted. The theory and application technology of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things we are talking about all come from many years of special application fields such as military and industry. Now we just use these ready-made technologies plus cloud server big data computing functions for application innovation and market demand. There is a fundamental difference between applied innovation and invention. Invention and creation can be as wild as artists, without having to consider short-term commercial value. However, the application innovation of enterprises invested by individuals or venture capitalists must consider the realization of predictable economic value in the predictable time and the predictable market. Therefore, my proposed innovation is to occupy the new era market based on iterative traditional technology and avoid Fall into the abyss of the technical trap of technicalism. 科技有限公司的创始人,一直走在创业的路上,现在真实地感受到万物相连的时代已经到来,也正在进行微小场所消防与物联网技术平台的应用创新,巡鹰安防力争在城市智慧消防物联网领域拥有一席之地,也希望自己在这条未知的路上找到志同道合的同路人砥砺前行。 I am the founder of Shenzhen Xingying Security Technology Co., Ltd., has been walking on the road of entrepreneurship, and now I truly feel that the era when everything is connected has arrived, and I am also in the process of applying innovation in the fire protection and Internet of Things technology platform for small places. Security strives to have a place in the field of urban smart fire IoT , and also hopes that it can find like-minded fellows to move forward on this unknown road.

When it comes to artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, big data is associated with it. I personally believe that big data analysis applications are things that governments and large enterprises capable of social responsibility can do. They are basically not related to the start-up of small and micro enterprises. Small and micro enterprises are just big data. One of the production organizers or porters, so knowing who you are will not spend a lot of time on big data analytics applications.

It is true that the era of wisdom where everyone is connected and things are connected has come. I believe that the age of artificial intelligence where people are connected to things will also come. Take advantage of this opportunity to roll up your sleeves and work hard!

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