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Ridiculous thieves

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I saw such an interesting thing in the Peninsula mw百乐牛牛paper yesterday: A thief saw a message on the door of a hotel and learned that the owner of the hotel would be away for a few days. Then he broke into the door and lived there. . The host was stunned when he came home. A thief lived in his house. The food on the table was set. The bun was made like a decent piece, which was better than this restaurant. After the owner called the police, he quickly caught the funny thief.

Last time, it was also reported by the Peninsular mw百乐牛牛paper that when a thief found a good bottle of wine when stealing something in someone's house, he couldn't help but open it and drunk it, but he was drunk and soon became drunk. at home. When the owner came home, he caught the sleeping thief straight.

One thing happened on the No. 5 bus: a worker's salary just got touched by a thief in the car. He was so angry that he decided to tease the thief. The next day he deliberately stuffed an envelope full of waste paper in his trouser pocket, which said, "Piss you a dead thief." After getting out of the car, the envelope in the pocket was touched, and a note was added in the pocket, which said: "You passenger is too ethical, how can you deceive like this!" A few months ago, it also happened Things in this city: Two thieves spent nine nights and two tigers in the middle of the night to open a hole in the glass door of a hotel, stole two big bags of coins and then escaped. Because the coin was too heavy, I wanted to go, but I was afraid that the taxi driver would recognize it as a thief, so I had to walk towards the station with my teeth and a load. Walking, walking, a few hours passed, tired and sweaty, and had not yet reached the station, but was arrested by the patrolling police on duty. During the interrogation, the thief regretted it: it would be better for him not to steal such a heavy coin.

A few years ago, one thing that happened in our unit was this: In the middle of the night in the winter, a thief followed the closed route of outdoor TV to the third floor and stole. After succeeding, he closed the route while sliding down the closed route. Suddenly broke, the thief fell to the ground and was seriously injured. Since it was midnight and it was winter, severely injured thieves were frozen to death.

Why are these thieves so easy to succeed? The reason is very simple. If they have a complete intelligent anti-theft alarm system, then when the thief is still carefully preparing to break the door, our alarm will automatically call the owner's mobile phone. The entire video screen will also be displayed and recorded, so they have no chance of stealing. Of course, there are no such ridiculous jokes, so the home care home needs an intelligent anti-theft alarm system for patrolling the eagle to ensure your shop and home all day Worry-free.


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