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With the rapid development of science and technology, people's awareness of security has become stronger and stronger, so how should we choose a home anti-theft alarm? Today I was fortunate to talk to Mr. Liu Shengjin, Marketing Manager of Shenzhen Xingying Security Technology Co., Ltd. and got the answer to the question.

Reporter: How does Patrol Eagle Security think about the theft prevention?

Manager Liu: Protecting people's lives and property is our responsibility, and a world without thieves is our vision.

Reporter: With so many companies making anti-theft products, how does Patrol Eagle Security stand out in the industry?

Manager Liu: We are a brand, and every product we make must be responsible for this brand. The brand of Touring Eagle Security is also responsible for each user. We take responsibility and persistence, do our best to make our products, solve user needs, and what our users think of.

Reporter: The home anti-theft alarm is a new technology product. The average user will definitely consider the price. What are the advantages of the price of our products?

Manager Liu: We are a self-developed manufacturer. Technical problems can be solved by ourselves, and production problems can be solved by ourselves. We have more than 50 raw material suppliers without intermediate links, which greatly saves costs. The price given to users is the industry. Lower, popular prices are available to everyone.

Reporter: So how do users choose to choose a home anti-theft alarm suitable for their own use?

Manager Liu: First of all, you need to understand where you need to use and what kind of functions you need to implement. You must tell me clearly about these issues before we can customize it for you.

Editor: Although the conversation is very brief, let us have a new understanding of Eagle Guarding Security. At the same time, I wish Shenzhen Patrol Eagle Security Technology Co., Ltd. to grow bigger and stronger.

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