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Have you installed a home alarm system?

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In the morning of October last year , Mr. Chen, a resident of Rugao, went out to exercise and found that he was throwing a jacket and coat in the corridor outside the door. He suddenly remembered that he had more than 1,000 yuan in cash in his pocket . Rugao City Public Security Bureau High-tech Zone Police Station and Criminal Investigation Brigade set up a task force after receiving the police. After the investigation, there will be a burglary before the crime, two men who had just completed their sentences and released to resume their old occupation were arrested. The police of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Rugao City Public Security Bureau said that in old communities or villages using old-style door locks, thieves like to use "insert pieces" or other technical unlocking tools, and start at 1 to 4 in the morning when residents are sleeping. After opening the door and entering the room, the thief usually enters the bedroom, picks up the residents' clothes, and takes away the belongings in the pocket. Many thieves will not venture into the bedroom if they harvest in the living room, because they are easy to find. 巡鹰微信公众号: sdph2016. For more details, please contact the official website of Patrol Security: Patrol WeChat public account : sdph2016.

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