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mw百乐牛牛 security is indispensable, and fire alarms let users reject fire hazards

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With the acceleration of the modernization process and the improvement of people's living standards, living and entertainment places such as hotels, restaurants, and KTVs have sprung up, and the number of people-intensive places has grown rapidly. The fire hazards that followed have also increased rapidly. The tragedy and tragedy of a gas explosion and fire were truly shocking. The fire is like a sharp sword hanging over the head, which is always threatening people's lives and property. The ruthless fire not only poses a serious threat to the lives and property of ordinary citizens, but also launches a fierce attack on the brave and fearless fire officers and soldiers, cruelly taking away one young life after another.

The problems in my home life should not be underestimated. Ms. Chen, who lives in Hanxiangyuan District, Datong Tianxia City, Tengzhou City, her family forgot to turn off the fire for breakfast. Fortunately, the fire alarm at home helped prevent a fire. Ms. Chen is a young mother. It is very difficult to get up at night to take care of her children. Ms. Chen's husband will make breakfast for Ms. Chen before going to work every morning and wait for Ms. Chen and her son to get up to eat. On the morning of February 28, 2017, Ms. Chen's husband went out to work and forgot that eggs were cooking on the gas stove. After a while, Ms. Chen was awakened by a rushing "snoring" sound and smelled a scorched smell. Ms. Chen quickly got out of bed to check that the eggs being cooked in the kitchen were burnt and black smoke was emitted. Ms. Chen quickly turned off the gas and opened the window for ventilation. How could there be a "didi" sound at home? It turned out that the "beep" sound came from the smoke sensor in the kitchen and living room. Ms. Chen notified the property by phone. The property staff turned off the alarm and the sound disappeared.

Afterwards, Ms. Chen felt a little frightened, and at the same time she was very grateful. 火灾报警器 ,这才没发生大的事故,要真是没被报警的声音吵醒,煤气继续燃烧,点燃旁边的油桶就真的麻烦了。 ”陈女士提醒广大市民,尤其是家里有老年人以及孩子的家庭尽量给家里安装一台火灾报警器,以免发生意外,陈女士打算为父母家安装一台。 Ms. Chen said, "Fortunately, our home is a new community, and fire alarms have been installed in our home . No major accident has occurred. If it was not awakened by the alarm sound, the gas continues to burn, and the oil barrel next to it will really be ignited. Trouble. "Ms. Chen reminded the general public, especially families with elderly people and children, to try to install a fire alarm at home to avoid accidents. Ms. Chen intends to install one for her parents' home.


Speaking of fire alarms, there is no need to install wiring in the home, it is simple and convenient, and it does not need to be troublesome to install. For example, the smoke detector of Patrol Eagle Security can be transmitted to the mobile phone in real time by simply placing it in the location. Once the data is abnormal, a voice alarm will be issued through the mobile phone. What's more, the detector is added The linkage function, once the initial disaster occurs, you can directly prevent the spread of the disaster by intelligent actions such as opening the water valve and opening the window, which truly achieves intelligent intimateness. Focusing on this, Patrol Security has specially launched fire prevention, networked alarm system solutions for public places such as homes, hotels, restaurants, etc. No trivial matter, before it happens. Fire, gas poisoning and other problems must be solved. Fire alarms help users detect fires in advance, so that you have a fascinating and intelligent life. I believe that the future life will be better.


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