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Patrol Eagle Security Guilin Yangshuo Tour "Two"

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During the two-day tour of Guilin's security tour to Yangshuo, Guilin, the entire team's enthusiasm glowed with joy that could not be expressed in words. The previous night, Wu Dao said that he would be on time at 6:30 in the morning the next day. Unfortunately, if someone is late, of course, he will be punished. Although everyone didn't wake up in the morning, it was worth watching the happy and excited smiles on everyone's faces.

Departed for breakfast at 6:40. After eating the long-known Guilin rice noodles, they didn't eat much because it was too early. There are four attractions on this day: Lijiang River Tour, Julongtan, Bamboo Rafting by Many People, and Silver Rock. Each of the four attractions makes us quite impressive. Each has its own uniqueness. The only thing that regrets the Falconers is that they did not enjoy the water battle in the multi-person bamboo raft. They said that there is no regret and no expectation.

The tour ends at 6:30 pm, and of course the next trip is the free time of the Falconer. The entire team of Eagle Guarding is very team spirited, and the Eagle Guard team is marching on West Street. A lively place on West Street, where there is a variety of snacks, and the local people are quite enthusiastic.

Summary: Fresh, beautiful, and quiet. This is the impression that Yangshuo gave to the eagles in the morning. The air is fresh, and the light rain as thin as a light rain adds moisture to the air. , And the mist resembling the mountains, like the wind, the rain, and the clouds. The past games make us look forward to the next game more, so only in the future work will be more serious and passionate work. Strive to realize the dream of Eagle Guarding as soon as possible, become a respected security alarm company in the world, and let the Eagle Guard alarm all over the world.

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